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The War on ISIS

For nearly four years the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) spread war and terror across the Middle East. ISIS saw itself as the ruler of the world's 1.8 billion Muslims who would be forced to live under a caliphate based on beliefs and laws common in the 7th century. In 2015 the United States and some forty other nations launched a war against ISIS, making a stand against one of the most vicious terrorist groups known on earth.

The Wild World of Buck Bray

In The Wild World of Buck Bray series, eleven-year-old Buck is the star of a wilderness TV show. He and his TV crew, including Toni Shoop, the cameraman’s daughter, travel to film at some of the most beautiful national lands. And while visiting these sights, Buck and Toni must use their wits to solve mysteries they uncover during their filming.

The Wooden Treasure

Long ago, in a country far away, a mysterious stranger surprises a poor boy with an unusual gift: wooden chess pieces. With this unexpected treasure, the boy embarks on a world of adventure. What will he discover? This picture book is based on the true story of young Indian chess master Mir Malik Sultan Khan who thrilled the world with his masterful play during his brief competitive career.

The World Below the Brine

Nineteenth-century poet Walt Whitman employs the language of his day to express a wonder about the world below the sea that is timeless.

The World of Greek Mythology (BrightPoint Press)

The World of Greek Mythology introduces readers to the gods, goddesses, heroes, monsters, and mortals that populate the world of Greek myths. The books examine these mythical stories, what they meant to the Greeks, and how Greek mythology continues to resonate today.

The World of Video Games

The World of Video Games explores the many topics and controversies in the video game industry. Readers will learn about such topics as the history of video games, breakthrough technologies, and the rising popularity of E-Sports. They will understand how video games affect both individual people and society. The books look ahead to the future, charting the likely paths of the video game industry.

The Worst-Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure

This interactive series involves the readers as part of the intrepid team going on extreme adventures. Throughout each book, the reader makes decisions that determine the fate of the journey.Will you climb to the summit of Mount Everest and return to base camp safely? Will you survive your encounters with tarantulas, monkeys, and jaguars in the Amazon? Will you be forced to turn back early...or worse? Only you can determine your own fate! Highly illustrated in comic book style, and based on re

The Zanna Function

Fourteen-year-old Zanna Mayfield discovers she can manipulate the basic scientific functions of the universe, such as velocity and chemical reactions. But she'll need more than science to stop the mysterious woman determined to keep Zanna from learning how to use her abilities

There Was an Old Dog Who Needed a Nap

An old dog wants nothing more than to take a nap, but a musical mouse makes this impossible. Through rhyming text and a series of funny letters, the miscommunicationbetween the two builds to a surprising ending.