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Compact Research: Teen Well-Being

The Compact Research: Teen Well-Being set examines the factors that influence the mental, physical, and emotional health of today’s teens. Books cover a variety of topics, from body image to nutrition and dieting to issues that affect LGBT youth. The user-friendly format of the series includes clear, objective overviews; carefully selected and cited primary sources; and informative full-colour statistical illustrations that provide quick reference as well as supporting in-depth research.

Compact Research: Teenage Problems

This series covers challenges that many teenagers must face and learn to overcome. Clearly written objective overviews, carefully selected and cited primary sources, and informative full-colour statistical illustrations are intelligently organized and integrated, making the series useful for in-depth research or quick reference.

Connecting Cultures Through Family and Food

The immigrant experience is one that millions of people have gone through-or are going through right now. As people from around the world find a new home, they bring with them the families they love and the traditions that bind them together. They also bring a long history of sharing meals together, eating foods and dishes that have been passed down for centuries. In this series, the shared experience of eating together becomes the framework for examining the immigrant experiences of a wide rang

Connecting STEM and Sports

Connecting STEM and Sports. It is not a connection you might necessarily make, but digital playbooks, high-tech fitness gear, analytics that build championship teams, and new stadiums using the latest design innovations, are all examples of the ever-expanding connections between STEM and sports. Each volume in this series helps athletes learn and use the advances in STEM to further their games.


Chaos is spreading throughout the country after a diet drink contaminates thousands of people. The government corrals the infected into dog kennels. Somehow Velvet escapes. For just a little while, she is safe.

Contemporary Cartoon Creators

Most teens are familiar with the quirky and sometimes edgy animated shows found on television. But who are the creators of the characters and worlds that populate this animated realm? The biography series Contemporary Cartoon Creators introduces readers to the cartoonists, to the people and events that influenced their lives, and to the achievements that have brought them both acclaim and criticism. All books in the series include timelines, fully documented quotes, and full-colour photographs.

Contemporary Issues

The Contemporary Issues series will give readers a better understanding of many of today's major social issues. Each book examines four key questions related to a controversial topic, with essays that detail the most commonly heard arguments on bothsides of the discussion. The arguments contained within are supported by data from experts as well as nonpartisan reports, allowing the reader to make his or her own informed decision on the issue.

Cool Careers In Science

Science careers are cool! Where else do you have the opportunity to develop computer games and apps, pilot drones, help create wind and solar power technologies, solve crimes, build robots, and design roller-coasters and driverless cars? A science career puts you at the cutting edge of innovations that will change the world as we know it. Cool Careers in Science covers ten cutting-edge careers, including many subspecialties, and offers numerous suggestions on how to explore science careers while

Craft-a-Day Book, The: 30 Projects to Make with Recycled Materials

YA do-it-yourselfers will find inspiration to create unique craft projects, most of which are made of materials found at home or second-hand. In fact, hunting down the materials for these projects is part of the fun! The thirty projects allow for a mix of levels of difficulty. Crafts included repurposing a crewneck sweater into a cardigan, a purse, or fingerless gloves; turning wrapping paper into origami paper balloons, a flower garland, or a personalized journal; remaking old socks into arm wa

Creatures of the Ocean

Ocean animals are brought to life in full-colour and informative descriptions. Learn about the different species and where they live, discovering what makes each unique. Each title discusses in detail the feeding and breeding traits of each species, their reproductive processes, their defense mechanisms, and their forms of communication. Illuminated with over eighty beautiful illustrations in each title, the Creatures of the Ocean series provides a deeper appreciation of the variety and complexi