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Economic Inequality: The American Dream under Siege

The top one-tenth of one percent of the US population has a combined net worth equal to that of the bottom ninety percent. This extreme level of economic inequality has not been seen since the Great Depression; today, many Americans are struggling with unemployment, stagnant wages, crippling debt, and mortgage foreclosures. Author Coral Frazer and consultant Michael Frazer explore how bad the situation is, what the human impact is, how money impacts politics, and what some of the causes and reme

Enduring Mysteries

Some of history’s Enduring Mysteries involve tales so incredible that they blur the lines between fact and fiction. As much evidence as can be examined about the curious phenomena associated with five legendary sites and creatures is explored in this series, with notable examples of popular culture references and famous seekers and hoaxes. The truth is out there—for someone to find.

Etiquette for Success

Good etiquette boosts social confidence and helps students navigate a path to success in adult life. Etiquette for Success offers expert guidance on how to act in a variety of situations-from social media to the workplace, and from family functions to traveling abroad. Good manners are essential for maintaining healthy relationships at home, school, and work, and are key to personal and professional achievement. The advice given in this series empowers readers by showing them how to tackle the s

European Countries Today

The European Countries Today series offers readers a broad-ranging yet concise look at Europe today by providing information on 15 of the most important countries in Europe. Its comprehensive and up-to-date content makes it a valuable resource for students. Each book in the series describes the history, geography, economy, culture, and relationship each country has with its neighbors. There is also a separate title European Union Facts & Figures that provides statistical and factual information

Every Body's Talking: What We Say without Words

Humans use words to communicate, but we also use our bodies to send messages. We may shrug our shoulders to show we don't care, or open our eyes wide in surprise, or give the thumbs up to show we approve of something. But did you know that giving the thumbs up in Greece is pretty rude? Or that nodding your head-- which means "yes" in North America- actually means "no" in the European countries of Albania and Bulgaria?Every Body's Talking explores the complexities of body language. Discover wha

Examining Canadian Energy  

What energy sources did humans use in the past? What sources help meet Canada’s and the world’s energy requirements today? How do we balance our energy needs with protecting the environment? Examining Canadian Energy answers all these questions and more. Each book in this compelling series takes readers on a fact-finding mission, posing an initial challenge and concluding with questions and answers. Through engaging, interactive scenarios, learners can experiment with text prediction, purpose-dr

Exoplanets: Worlds beyond Our Solar System

As of March 2016, planetary scientists have discovered almost 2,000 exoplanetsùplanets that orbit stars other than the Sun. Readers will learn about high-powered orbiting telescopes such as NASA's Kepler Space Telescope and the Spitzer Space Telescope; observatories such as the Geneva Observatory in Switzerland; and upcoming missions such as the 2018 launch of the JamesWebb Space Telescope, all of which aid scientists in their work to discover more solar systems and exoplanets. Profiles of and

Exploring Careers

Exploring Careers introduces readers to various career options within a given field and explores what the jobs entail, educational requirements, salary ranges, required skills, employment prospects, and more. All books in the series feature a Q&A interview with someone who works in the field.

Exploring Cuba

For more than five decades, the United States and the small island of Cuba had a hostile relationship, characterized by an American embargo on the sale of goods to Cuba that was first imposed in 1961. In July 2015, the US government announced that it would end the embargo and work with Cuba's government to allow American tourists and businesses to invest in the island. EXPLORING CUBA will provide readers with a greater understanding of this unique island nation and its changing role in American

Exploring Nature

Exploring Nature provides readers insight into Rocks & Minerals, the stunning beauty of Wildflowers, and various creatures such as Butterflies, Moths, Frogs, Insects, Snakes, Reptiles, and Spiders. These are some of the most intriguing subjects that nature has to offer. Along with a description of the basic physical characteristics of each of these items, there is also a consideration of the creatures' habits and behaviour; including feeding, defense, communication, and mating. This colourful an