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Ruptured Sky, The: War of 1812  

The Ruptured Sky tells the story of First Nations involvement in the War of 1812. Without their First Nations allies, British troops and Canadian militia would not have won key battles and the U.S.–Canada border might not exist. Canada might not have become an independent nation. First Nations peoples remained conflicted about whom to support since longstanding allegiances existed with both the British and Americans. This became a divisive issue. Individuals such as Tecumseh, John Norton, Joseph

Say Something: 10th Anniversary Edition

The girl in this story sees it happening, but she would never do these mean things herself. Then one day something happens that shows her that being a silent bystander isn't enough. Will she take some steps on her own to help another kid? Could it be as simple as sitting on the bus with the girl no one has befriended (and discovering that she has a great sense of humor)? Resources at the end of the book will help parents and children talk about teasing and bullying and find ways to stop it at sc

Science Squad

Welcome to the Science Squad, a citizen science organization for curious kids who love nature and science! Follow along as Squad members journal their efforts to make a difference in the world around them.

Science, Technology, and Society

Advances in science and technology undeniably bring about societal change. Gene therapy, for instance, has the potential to revolutionize medicine and the treatment of debilitating illnesses but it also carries significant risks. The Science, Technology, and Society series examines scientific and technological advances in the context of their impact on society. Each book explores how and why this science or technology came about; how it has influenced or shaped daily life and culture; efforts to

Screen Addiction: A Teen Epidemic

In November 2021, researchers reported that the amount of time teenagers spent in front of screens for non-school-related purposes more than doubled during the pandemic, from 3.8 to 7.7 hours per day. For teens, increased time in front of a screen can morph into an addiction to electronic devices and the activities they make possible. Screen Addiction examines the hallmarks of behavioural addictions, the damage screen addiction can wreak on student lives, and what kinds of help are available to

Sea of Kings

When their island kingdom falls under siege, royal brothers Noa and Dagan must follow a magical map and confront the legendary one-eyed pirate before evil takes over their world.

Sea Soup: Zooplankton

What is the fastest animal in the world? What can dive as deep as a whale or make a submarine disappear in the ocean? The answer is zooplankton! The ocean is teeming with these small, drifting animals that come in all shapes ands sizes, from tiny zippy copepods to large, brilliantly coloured jellyfish (that you don't want to bump into).There are some very strange zooplankton, like the arrow worm -- you can see what it had for lunch inside its stomach! Some zooplankton give off a ghostly underwat

Season Ticket: Teams

Grab a front-row seat to the world's top sports franchises with Season Ticket: Teams. This series uses engaging and informative storytelling to take readers into the past, present, and future of their favourite teams. With chapters exploring historic moments, team traditions, game-changing figures, and today's hottest superstars, Season Ticket: Teams is your all-access pass to the most iconic franchises in sports!

Second Chance Ranch

At Second Chance Ranch, the Ramirez family cares and works to find homes for all kinds of animals on their 200-acre ranch in Texas. Sisters Natalie (12), Abby (10), and twins Emily and Grace (9) all do their part to help out and give each animal the second chance it deserves.

Secret of the Sevens

Everyone at Singer, a boarding school for underprivileged kids, knows the urban legend of the Society of Seven. Nearly two decades ago, the original members of this exclusive guild murdered the school's founder and then perished in the fire they'd lit to hide the evidence. Or so the story goes. Talan Michaels doesn't care about Singer's past, however. He's too focused on his future and the fact that he'll be homeless after he graduates in May. To take his mind off things, he accepts a mysterious