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ôDear Sunny: I don't expect you to understand any of this yet, but we'll always have yesterday . . . and today, and tomorrow. Maybe one day you'll figure it out. I never could.ö With a supportive family, great friends, and a spot on her high school's swim team, Sunshine ôSunnyö Pryce-Shah's life seems perfect. Until the day her popular older cousin Shiri commits suicide. The shocking tragedy triggers heart-wrenching grief, unanswered questions, and a new, disturbing ability in Sunnyùhearing peop

Underneath It All: A History of Women's Underwear

Throughout history, women's lingerie garments have played a complex role in women's lives. Learn how undergarments protected and shaped women's bodies to fit the ideals of the time, enhanced desire in intimate relationships, made statements about social movements such as women's suffrage, and provided a way to express individual style and personal empowerment. With each swing of the fashion pendulum, new undergarments forced the body into the preferred shape—flat bust and angular ribcage, lush b

Understanding and Caring for Your Pet

The more you know about your pets, the better you will be able to provide the care and attention they require for a healthy and happy life. Each book expertly written covers how to choose a pet, how to make sure it has a safe home, how to keep it healthy and happy, and how to make it part of your families life.

Understanding Global Trade & Commerce

This series will provide readers with a greater understanding of international trade and how the global marketplace functions. Titles in this series will help students gain a deeper understanding of international issues and concerns related to the global economy. These interesting and factual volumes are supplemented with numerous colour photographs and maps, as well as a chronology, glossary of terms, a guide to additional resources for more information, text-dependent questions and report idea

Understanding Islam

Understanding Islam provides a comprehensive overview of the religion and its teachings; individual volumes discuss such important issues as the relationship of Islam to other major world faiths, the growth of Islam in North America, and the socio-economic conditions of countries in the Muslim world. The volumes in this series are supplemented with a variety of useful resources, including a chronology of events related to the country, recipes and ideas for projects and reports, a glossary of ter

Understanding Mental Disorders

Experts estimate that nearly a third of the population will self-injure at some point in their lives--with teenage girls having the highest risk. Self-injury disorder is just one of the topics explored in the Understanding Mental Disorders series. All titles in the series examine what the disorder is, what causes it, what it is like to live with it, and how or whether it can be treated or cured.

Understanding Obesity

As childhood obesity becomes a more serious problem each year, young people must be equipped with knowledge that could help them change their own unhealthy habits and avoid a lifetime of chronic medical issues that come with being overweight or obese. This series helps readers to truly understand the global issue of obesity. Each title in this series focuses on a different aspect of the obesity epidemic, from the health issues caused by excess weight to the dramatic consequences of our cultures

Understanding Psychology

What motivates one student to study hard and another to not study at all? How does personality develop and can it change? How and why do relationships fall apart? These and other questions lie at the heart of human psychology, which is the focus of the Understanding Psychology series. Books in this series examine the mental and emotional factors that influence and shape human behaviour. Careful, clear explanations; solid information; and insightful and fully documented quotes provide readers wit

Understanding Suicide: A National Epidemic

Suicide is among the top three causes of death for young people ages 15 to 24. More broadly, it is a national epidemic touching people of all ages--from those who consider and attempt suicide to those left behind after a loved one commits suicide. Author Connie Goldsmith examines the risk factors for suicide (including mental illness, substance abuse, domestic abuse, and bullying) as well as preventive measures that can help people control and mitigate those risk factors.

Understanding the Holocaust

Between 1938 and 1945 Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime murdered more than 6 million Jews. This virulent campaign, Hitler’s so-called Final Solution, began with hatred and exclusion but steadily escalated to encompass persecution, expulsion, and, finally, annihilation. Understanding the Holocaust presents an unstinting look at the people and events that lie at the heart of this dark period in human history. Individual titles explore specific topics such as the death camps and killing centers, res