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Chaos is spreading throughout the country after a diet drink contaminates thousands of people. The government corrals the infected into dog kennels. Somehow Velvet escapes. For just a little while, she is safe.

Contemporary Cartoon Creators

Most teens are familiar with the quirky and sometimes edgy animated shows found on television. But who are the creators of the characters and worlds that populate this animated realm? The biography series Contemporary Cartoon Creators introduces readers to the cartoonists, to the people and events that influenced their lives, and to the achievements that have brought them both acclaim and criticism. All books in the series include timelines, fully documented quotes, and full-colour photographs.

Craft-a-Day Book, The: 30 Projects to Make with Recycled Materials

YA do-it-yourselfers will find inspiration to create unique craft projects, most of which are made of materials found at home or second-hand. In fact, hunting down the materials for these projects is part of the fun! The thirty projects allow for a mix of levels of difficulty. Crafts included repurposing a crewneck sweater into a cardigan, a purse, or fingerless gloves; turning wrapping paper into origami paper balloons, a flower garland, or a personalized journal; remaking old socks into arm wa

Crime & Detection

Crime, the detection of criminals, and the punishment of offenders, has taken many forms throughout history, and these titles examine the subject from every angle. Find out how the judicial system and methods of crime solving have evolved right up to the cyber age. Explore the development of punishments through the ages, from the biblical notion of an "eye for an eye" to modern penal systems that emphasize rehabilitation over penalty. Discover the terrible punishments of times past and present,

Crimson Gate, The

Harlow Wintergreen has been named the new Matriarch of VisionCrest, the powerful religious organization previously led by her father. There's just one problem. The real Harlow is trapped inside a Cambodian temple, and her double, the evil Isiris, isout in the world masquerading as her. With VisionCrest at her command, Isiris moves all the pieces into position for her genocidal endgame. To stop her twin from unleashing a super-virus designed to eradicate civilization, Harlow must escape the temp

Critical World Issues

This series covers some of the most controversial subjects affecting our lives today. Each title examines facts, arguments, and opinions from around the globe, using stories of individuals and case studies to make the information come alive for young readers. The 112-page books each include 40 to 50 color photographs, maps, and graphics that will help student readers put major events into historical perspective. Timelines, glossaries, print and Web sources for further information, text-dependent

Customs and Cultures in the World

In this series, readers will visit the homes and lives of teenagers around the planet, getting a close-up look at what they are going through and how they are thriving and surviving. Through the eyes of both expert authors and real-life teens, they will guide readers through their everyday lives, using images, texts, emails, and more. Additional information will be provided about the country to supplement the personal details. The author provides background information on the history, culture, c

Cutting Edge Careers

STEM careers are all the rage but how does a student know which one to pursue? The Cutting Edge Careers series provides easy-to-use guides for teens who are trying to figure out if a particular tech job or career would suit them. Each book focuses a single career, such as robotics engineer or cybersecurity analyst among others. What the job entails, what it pays, and future prospects are discussed, along with insights from industry insiders—and a Q&A interview is included in every book.

Cutting Edge Technology

The bold new technologies that are reshaping entertainment, medicine, transportation, the military, and other avenues of modern life are examined in the Cutting Edge Technology series. Every book in the series describes the fascinating technologies that are being developed as well as the corresponding changes that are, in some cases, already taking place. Visual chronologies, side bars highlighting intriguing ideas and events, vocabulary terms, and fully documented quotes add depth to the text.

Cyber Attack

In 2013, the FBI started posting a new "Cyber's Most Wanted" list--criminals who have committed serious offenses ranging from hijacking Internet traffic to spying on businesses and governments.Through Cyber Attack, readers will engage in critical thinking to investigate and analyze the ways in which cyber criminals commit their crimes and what's being done to catch them.