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Chemistry of Everyday Elements, The

Our life could simply not be lived without chemicals, but how much do we understand how they are a part of our daily life? In this series, each book tells the in-depth story of one vital element. The text will also talk about the effect elements have in climate change, world health, and other broad topics. Real-life examples will show how knowing about the basic building blocks gives us a deeper understanding of more complex issues.

Chernobyl's Wild Kingdom

After the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear explosion, scientists believed radiation would make the area a barren wasteland. Today the Dead Zoneáis teeming with wildlife. But every plant and animal is radioactive, leaving scientists wondering how their survival is possible.

Childhood Fears and Anxieties

Fear and anxiety are completely normal parts of growing up.Fear keeps us from climbing too high up that tree, while anxiety reminds us that we ought to study for that test tomorrow. But when anxiety gets out of control, it can rob kids of their educations, friends, and happiness. Childhood Fears and Anxieties looks at different types of fears and anxieties, from fear of the dark to fear of the doctor, and from phobias to separation anxiety.The books provide a warm, supportive look at these f

Chronicles of Gwendolyn Gray, The

The Marvelous Adventures of Gwendolyn Gray is part fantasy, part dystopia, part steampunk, and all imagination as dreamer Gwendolyn evades thought police, enters a whimsical world, befriends world-jumping explorers and ragtag airship pirates, and fights the evil threatening to erase the new world she loves and her old world that never wanted her.

Citizen Science: How Anyone Can Contribute to Scientific Discovery

Citizen science has opened up the world of scientific research to anybody and everybody. It is being done in all areas of science-including zoology, biology, astronomy, chemistry, and more. Some projects involve going outside and observing nature while others revolve around data obtained and shared over the internet. And whether one has scientific training or not, the contributions being made by citizen scientists are making a difference.

Civil Rights Leaders

The books in the CIVIL RIGHTS LEADERS series will provide readers with a greater understanding of several of the brave advocates for justice and fair treatment who helped blacks achieve greater freedom in American society. Each book is illustrated with numerous photographs. The up-to-date information in each book is supplemented with a glossary of key terms, guides to additional resources for more information, scan-able links to educational videos, text-dependent questions and report ideas.

Civil War, The

America's Civil War, was a cataclysmic event for a country less than 100 years old. The reasons for war are deep-seated, and the discussion that preceded it was often elegant and persuasive, but the war of words would eventually spin out of control and the shooting war would begin. As the South saws its power and influence begin to slip away, into the hands of the brash and upstart North, its way of life and its entire economy seemed to be at risk. Yet the risk was greater still; it threatened t

Classic Cars and Bikes Collection

Whether a car or bike enthusiast, or a casual admirer, thisseries allows readers to live it up in the sleek and fast Ferrari,envision driving in a Classic Car of generationspast, or hop onto a Super Bike and speed off. The ClassicCars and Bikes Collection features contemporary and archivephotos, and details the remarkable styling andrevolutionary mechanical engineering for the greatest carsand bikes ever built. Each book offers a high interest journeyand concludes with a list of automoti

Climate Change: Problems and Progress

Climate change is perhaps the most important issue the world faces. This series explores the key parts of climate change, including global warming, biodiversity loss, greenhouse gases, and extreme weather. This series will delve into many of the problems humans have caused and share the efforts of those rallying for solutions. Authors introduce ways that creative scientists and others are seeking renewable energy, promoting water and energy conservation, encouraging recycling, and showing how to

Climate Migrants: ON the Move in a Warming World

This book explores the cultural, environmental, political, and economic impacts of mass migration triggered by climate change, profiling places where climate migration is happening and examining how the phenomenon may develop in the long term.