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Foundations of Democracy

The benefits of democracy can be found in all corners of the world. The series, Foundations of Democracy, will take a global view of the fundamental cornerstones of this form of government that Winston Churchill famously called ôthe worst political system except for all the others.ö

Future of Renewable Energy, The

This series explores what lies ahead for solar, wind, biofuels, and other forms of renewable energy. Also included are topics that dominate public discourse including cost, environmental impact, practicality when measured against fossil fuels, and the role of government in renewable energy’s future.

Future of Technology, The

Bold, new technological marvels in nanotechnology, 3D Printing, artificial intelligence, and other areas are likely to make for a fascinating future. The Future of Technology series explores what lies ahead as scientists, engineers, and others seek to develop the technologies that will, in all likelihood, alter the future course of human civilization.

Gathering Deep

Chloe Sabourin's world was turned upside down three times over when she learned that the unspeakable murders in her native New Orleansùthe ones that nearly claimed the life of her friend Lucyùwere committed by her own mother, the dark witch Thisbe. Moving on from that is the toughest thing she's ever had to do. Now a new series of ritualistic killings suggests that Thisbe is plotting again. Chloe seeks help from the mysterious Mama Legba, even though she's unsure whether or not she can trust the

Girl and the Grove, The

Teenager Leila's life is full of challenges. From bouncing around the foster care system to living with seasonal affective disorder and vitiligo, she's never had an easy road. Leila keeps herself busy with her passion for environmental advocacy, monitoring the Urban Ecovists message board and joining a local environmental club with her best friend Sarika. And now that Leila has finally been adopted, she dares to hope her life will improve.

Great Jobs

What makes a great job? It can be different things for different people. To some, a great job is one that offers deeply satisfying work. To others, a great job is one that pays well. To still others, a great job inspires creativity. Or maybe a great job does all of those things-and more. Teens who are contemplating their career choices will find useful descriptions, essential facts, and valuable advice in this easy-to-use series. Great Jobs introduces readers to a variety of jobs within a given

Great Outdoors!, The

Put down the screen! Turn off the TV! Unplug . . . and experience the joy of THE GREAT OUTDOORS! In each book in this series, readers will be inspired to try a new activity that they cant do with a smartphone. Studies show that young people spend more time looking at a screen than enjoying outdoor adventures. Find out the gear you should bring on a backpacking trip or how you can start flyfishing. Check out the excitement of mountain biking or the calming mood of nature photography. Try out wate

Gridiron Greats: Pro Football's Best Players

From on the field exploits to off the field insights, Gridiron Greats gives the reader a close-up look at some of the very best of today?s pro football stars. Statistical leaders and championship winners go under the spotlight in a fun to read and visually interesting examination of each player?s outstanding career. The series gives the reader concrete reasoning as to why each player is considered one of the best in pro football. Each volume in this series gives the reader a glimpse into what th

Growing Up Around the World

Growing Up Around the World series presents a vivid and realistic picture of how kids grow up in different countries. Do they spend hours on social media? Do they share a house with many family members or just a few? Do they go to college? Do they get caught up with drugs and alcohol? Where do they go when they go out with friends? Firsthand accounts, facts, and other insights help provide readers with an understanding of other cultures. Every book includes an overview of the country along with

Guides to Responsible Hunting

Whether hunting for sport or survival, hunting takes skill and practice. With a mind toward safety and conservation, this series serves as an overview of what one needs to know about hunting. The series as a whole is intended to provide an overview of hunting for the young adult: equipment, general regulations, strategies, safety, etc.