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Drug Dangers

Marijuana and heroin are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Opioid painkillers and synthetic drugs are grabbing headlines, too. The Drug Dangers series examines what is taking place today in connection with these and other commonly abused drugs. All volumes clearly and accurately investigate their effects, whether they have addictive properties, the challenges of treatment and recovery, and efforts to prevent their use and abuse.


The digital world offers many new career opportunities-ranging from e-commerce and social media to info tech and online gaming. Teens who have an interest in working in the digital world will find useful descriptions, essential facts, and valuable opinions and advice in this easy-to-use series. The E-Careers series introduces readers to various career options within a given field and explores what the jobs entail, educational requirements, employment prospects, and more.

Emerging Issues in Public Health

Opioid addiction has reached epidemic proportions. Firearm-related deaths have surged to the highest level in fifty years. Childhood trauma is now considered to be every bit as urgent as a natural disaster or outbreak of deadly disease. These are just three of the issues examined in the Emerging Issues in Public Health series. All books explore recent events and new ideas in an effort to explain what's taking place, why it matters, and what efforts are being made to address these and other publi

Etiquette for Success

Good etiquette boosts social confidence and helps students navigate a path to success in adult life. Etiquette for Success offers expert guidance on how to act in a variety of situations-from social media to the workplace, and from family functions to traveling abroad. Good manners are essential for maintaining healthy relationships at home, school, and work, and are key to personal and professional achievement. The advice given in this series empowers readers by showing them how to tackle the s

European Countries Today

The European Countries Today series offers readers a broad-ranging yet concise look at Europe today by providing information on 15 of the most important countries in Europe. Its comprehensive and up-to-date content makes it a valuable resource for students. Each book in the series describes the history, geography, economy, culture, and relationship each country has with its neighbors. There is also a separate title European Union Facts & Figures that provides statistical and factual information

Evolution & Cultural Influences of Music

Where did rock music begin? What is the story behind EDM (electronic dance music)? Who started the hip-hop movement? To truly appreciate different genres of music, you have to look back in time to understand its roots and its creators who so passionately worked to make it. In Evolution & Cultural Influences of Music, readers will examine the history and development of popular musical genres and learn how they have contributed to and shaped American popular culture over the past half-century. Eac

Exploring Careers

Exploring Careers introduces readers to various career options within a given field and explores what the jobs entail, educational requirements, salary ranges, required skills, employment prospects, and more. All books in the series feature a Q&A interview with someone who works in the field.

Exploring Cuba

For more than five decades, the United States and the small island of Cuba had a hostile relationship, characterized by an American embargo on the sale of goods to Cuba that was first imposed in 1961. In July 2015, the US government announced that it would end the embargo and work with Cuba's government to allow American tourists and businesses to invest in the island. EXPLORING CUBA will provide readers with a greater understanding of this unique island nation and its changing role in American

Exploring Greek Mythology

The myths of ancient Greece live on in the Exploring Greek Mythology series. Villains, goddesses, gods, and heroes come to life in these volumes. The stories vividly illustrate the cultural values and customs of ancient Greek society. Side bars, fully documented quotes, and full-color images add depth and insight.