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Picking Up the Pieces  

This nonfiction book, illustrated with photographs, tells the story of the making of the Witness Blanket, a work by Indigenous artist Carey Newman that includes hundreds of items from every Residential School in Canada and stories from the Survivors who donated them.


Simone has been raised as a dancer, but she hates performing. Hannah loves nothing more than dance, but her parents see it as just a hobby. When the two girls meet for the first time at age fifteen, they choreograph a plan to switch places and change the role that dance plays in their lives. Yet fooling their friends and family is more challenging than either girl expected. And when someone threatens to reveal the truth, it could cost the sisters everything. In this clever twist on the twin-swap

Plank’s Law  

In this novel for teens, Trevor, who has Huntington's disease, connects with an old man who helps him live his life more fully.

Preparing for Game Day

Looking to get an edge over the competition? Preparing for Game Day gives readers a blueprint for athletic greatness, giving them tips from top players and coaches on how to perform at their best on game day. Starting with mental preparation, an essential part of any sport, learn what you need to know to get your head in the game. Athletes need to be in shape to perform at their best and to avoid injury - learn which exercises are the best for your sport. And we cannot forget the importance of e

Prison System, The

Protecting life and property and punishing and rehabilitating criminals are indispensable to civil society. This series introduces readers to the prison systems of North America and the world. The real-life experiences of prison employees, inmates, and inmates families are presented with sensitivity to educate readers about the incarceration systems role in society, the realities of prison life, the effects of incarceration, and the moral issues surrounding this crucial yet controversial system.

Privacy in the Online World

This series provides a historical perspective on privacy rights and concerns and examines who has access to personal information, how they get it, why they collect it, how they use it, why this is sometimes controversial, what privacy protections exist, and what new protections are being proposed or debated. Each book in the series provides a clear, insightful discussion of the issues, integrating facts and contrasting opinions for an informative and balanced perspective. Personal accounts and d

Protecting the Earth's Animals

Every year, people are doing more and more to save animals facing destruction or extinction from a wide range of dangers. Protecting the Earth's Animals attacks some of the most important issues in wildlife conservation around the world, whether saving rhinos in Africa, trying to free captive killer whales, or, trying to make sure our pet dogs and cats are well cared for. Endangered species are just part of the story; entire animal groups are in trouble, to say nothing of habitats and ecosystems


It was just another ordinary day at McKinley High before a massive explosion devastated the school and a fatal Ebola-like virus was unleashed. Now a year later, the school has descended into chaos. All the students are infected with the virus, making them deadly to adults. The school is under military quarantine. The teachers are gone. Violent gangs have formed based on social cliques. Without a gang, students are as good as dead. David Thorpe is a loner, and now it's him and his little brother

Quiet You Carry, The

When seventeen-year-old Victoria Parker is suddenly placed into foster care, she struggles to find words for the abuse that upended her life. So she determines to keep her head down, follow her oppressive foster mother's rules, and focus on finishing high school. But when she discovers that her stepsister may be suffering the same abuse, Victoria realizes that no matter how hard she tries to move forward, the past isn't going to leave her alone.

Rapid Reads  

In our increasingly fast-paced world we believe there is a need for well-written, well-told books that can be read in one sitting. Rapid Reads are short books for adult readers. They are intended for a diverse audience, including ESL students, reluctant readers, adults who struggle with literacy and anyone who wants a high-interest quick read.