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Celebrating Holidays & Festivals Around the World

Throughout history, nations and peoples have marked their calendars with special days to celebrate, commemorate, and memorialize. We set aside times to reflect on the past and future, to rest and renew physically and spiritually, and to simply have fun. This series explores the meanings and celebrations of holidays across religions and cultures around the world. It groups the holidays into volumes according to theme or by their common human experience due to their closeness on the calendar. Each

Cell Phones and Society

Cell phones have had a huge influence on how people today live, work, and play. But like many technological advances, they have both upsides and downsides. Cell Phones and Society examines the many ways that these crucial devices have benefited and complicated modern life. All books in the series include fully documented quotes from experts, consumers, and others.

Changing Families

American families are changing. New attitudes toward adoption, same-sex marriage, interracial relations, and more have influenced the makeup of families all across the nation. The Changing Families series helps young readers understand the experience of being part of a non-traditional family. Chapters examine the changes that are taking place, how young people within these families view themselves, and how they are affected by the views of outsiders. Each book also presents stories of well-known

Chemistry of Everyday Elements, The

Our life could simply not be lived without chemicals, but how much do we understand how they are a part of our daily life? In this series, each book tells the in-depth story of one vital element. The text will also talk about the effect elements have in climate change, world health, and other broad topics. Real-life examples will show how knowing about the basic building blocks gives us a deeper understanding of more complex issues.

Citizen Science: How Anyone Can Contribute to Scientific Discovery

Citizen science has opened up the world of scientific research to anybody and everybody. It is being done in all areas of science-including zoology, biology, astronomy, chemistry, and more. Some projects involve going outside and observing nature while others revolve around data obtained and shared over the internet. And whether one has scientific training or not, the contributions being made by citizen scientists are making a difference.

Civil Rights Leaders

The books in the CIVIL RIGHTS LEADERS series will provide readers with a greater understanding of several of the brave advocates for justice and fair treatment who helped blacks achieve greater freedom in American society. Each book is illustrated with numerous photographs. The up-to-date information in each book is supplemented with a glossary of key terms, guides to additional resources for more information, scan-able links to educational videos, text-dependent questions and report ideas.

Civil War, The

America's Civil War, was a cataclysmic event for a country less than 100 years old. The reasons for war are deep-seated, and the discussion that preceded it was often elegant and persuasive, but the war of words would eventually spin out of control and the shooting war would begin. As the South saws its power and influence begin to slip away, into the hands of the brash and upstart North, its way of life and its entire economy seemed to be at risk. Yet the risk was greater still; it threatened t

Collective Biographies

The life stories of individuals who have distinguished themselves in music, art, literature, business, politics, science, and more can be found in the volumes that make up the Collective Biographies series. Each volume profiles the lives of six individualsùfrom childhood to the struggles and achievements that have brought them acclaim or notoriety. Humanizing details help present a vivid portrait of each person's life and accomplishments. Sidebars and fully documented quotes add depth and insigh

Compact Research: Addictions

The Addictions set examines the risks and challenges of addiction. Books cover a variety of topics, from synthetic drugs and heroin to gambling and Internet addiction. The user-friendly format of the series includes clear, objective overviews; carefully selected and cited primary sources; and informative colour statistical illustrations that support in-depth research or quick reference.

Compact Research: Diseases and Disorders

The Compact Research: Diseases and Disorders set is a new approach to health research. Clearly written objective overviews, carefully selected and cited primary sources, and informative full-colour statistical illustrations are intelligently organized and integrated making the series useful for in-depth research or quick reference.