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Deadliest Predators

Teeth, claws, power, speed, venom, and an acute sense of hearing or sight...these are some of the characteristics that the world’s deadliest predators rely on for their survival. Each volume in this series focuses on one group of animals (sharks, snakes, spiders, etc.) and then profiles six creatures within that group. How they hunt, what they eat, where they live, and the essential role they play in maintaining nature’s balance are all vividly and accurately detailed.

Dealing with Mental Disorders

Dealing with Mental Disorders examines several mental disorders, discusses how they are diagnosed, and looks at what scientists know about their causes. The books also show how the disorders affect people’s everyday lives and present information about the latest and most effective treatment options. Each book includes a graphic that presents key information visually, source notes, and resources to aid in further research.

Debating History

With the passage of time, the controversies that shaped historic events sometimes fade. The Debating History series focuses on those controversies as a way to gain a fuller understanding of history. Chapters are organized in pro/con format, in which a single author synthesizes arguments for and against a particular issue. Some of these essays are written from the point of view of someone who lived during the period; others are examined from a more current perspective. In all cases, important ide

Defining Events of the Twenty-First Century

Defining Events of the Twenty-First Century examines some of the most important moments in pop culture, science, and society in the last few decades. From influential pop musicians to technological breakthroughs to tragic man-made and natural disasters, readers will explore a wide variety of key events and people, the context surrounding them, and how they affected our world.

Defying Death: Medicine's Journey Toward Immortality

Defying Death: MedicineÎs Journey Toward Immortality is an attempt to outline where medicine has travelled in the past and to chart where it may be heading in the future. More specifically, this work endeavors to illustrate how advances in modern medical technology often leave in their wake increases in human life expectancy. In the words of the researchers at the UKÎs Tony Blair Institute of Global Change, ÌOne of humanityÎs greatest success stories of the past century is the increase in global

Developing Digital and Media Literacy Skills

The sources of news and information seem limitless, but they are not all equally good or useful, and some are actually dangerous. TodayÎs teens have never known life without the internet, social media, and digital devices. Even so, they donÎt always understand what theyÎre looking at, how to find good information, and how to avoid false and misleading content. Developing Digital and Media Literacy Skills provides a down-to-earth look at the digital and media landscape and what teens can do to en

Digital Issues

Life in the modern online world comes with a seemingly infinite variety of benefits, pitfalls, controversies, and challenges. These are the ideas explored in the Digital Issues series. Individual books focus on topics such as social media, privacy, and addiction.

Dimensions in Death

For teenagers Camm and Cal, protecting their small Mojave Desert mining town from terrifying extra-dimensional predators is just a part of their average day. But when Cal is stranded beyond a dimensional portal, Camm will have to put everything on the line and make a few unlikely allies to save her friend.

Discovering Art

The Discovering Art series introduces readers to major art forms, styles or movements, and periods. Books in the series discuss early development and pioneers; important changes over time in style, tools and techniques; influential artists; and more. The series serves as an excellent starting point for student researchers and anyone hoping to develop an appreciation for art in its many forms.

Discovering Jobs

Few people are lucky enough to know from a young age what jobs or careers they want to pursue. In the Discovering Jobs series, the focus is on viewing career options through personal interests, hobbies, and passions. Every book in the series profiles six jobs that reflect particular areas of interest. Also in these books are comments from industry insiders, information about pay and job prospects, a Q&A interview, and lists of sources for more information.