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New Spring Titles (233 series)

I Am Farmer: Growing an Environmental Movement in Cameroon

When Tantoh Nforba was a child, his fellow students mocked him for his interest in gardening. Today he's an environmental hero, bringing clean water and bountiful gardens to the central African nation of Cameroon. Authors Miranda Paul and Baptiste Paul share Farmer Tantoh's inspiring story.

I Am So Clever

The big bad wolf is hungry and on today's menu is Grandma, with Red Riding Hood for dessert. But no one is home at Grandma's house, only a nightdress lying on the bed. The wolf puts on the nightie and sets off to see what he can catch dressed as Grandma.Here comes Red Riding Hood. She looks clever, but the wolf knows who is smartest . . .Yet this little girl is not so easily duped. And the wolf finds unexpected hazards in wearing a frilly petticoat in the deep dark woods.

I Can See (Cherry Blossom Press)

The I Can See series explores the familiar sights in a reader's community. The series utilizes a curriculum based text to get children comfortable with reading. Each book uses the Whole Language approach to literacy, a combination of sight words and repetition builds recognition and confidence. Bold, colourful photographs correlate directly to text to help guide readers through the book.

In the Spotlight (Bullfrog Books)

In the Spotlight introduces early readers to the activists and celebrities making an impact in today’s world. Narrative nonfiction is supported with labels, a picture glossary, and a biographical timeline to reinforce new vocabulary.

Insects (Launch!)

This series introduces readers to six types of insects. Each book will cover the insect's body, where it lives, what it eats, and its lifecycle. Readers will love the amazing photographs, easy-to-read and lively text, and quick stats at the end of each book.

Inside Technology (Core Library)

Technology has become an important part of our modern world. Smartphones connect people across the world through apps. Drones fly in the sky and take photos of natural disasters, rescue operations, and fields of crops. With clear text, vivid photos, and helpful infographics, Inside Technology examines how software and hardware come together inside electronics to change our society.

Inventions that Changed the World (Blastoff! Discovery)

Cameras flash as a shiny red car zooms down the road. Airplane passengers close their laptops as they prepare for takeoff. These scenes may be commonplace today, but they are centuries in the making! From airplanes to automobiles, cameras to light bulbs, this series explores the history and impact of the world's most iconic inventions.


Young Ella and her stuffed monkey take a trip to Israel with her family. Ella enjoys visiting the country's famous sites, while Koofi the monkey experieces Israel in his own way.

Jane Doe

The people of Bluehaven have worshipped the Manor for thousands of years, trekking through its grand old gateway to the Otherworlds, returning with tales of high adventure. But then came the Night of All Catastrophes-the night the quakes started, and the Manor sealed its doors indefinitely. On that very night, two strangers arrived and collapsed atop the sacred stairs: John Doe and his baby, Jane. Fifteen years later, it is up to Jane to defeat the immortal villain who wants to harness the Manor

Jewish Values

Learn to recognize and appreciate Jewish values with these Kar-Ben stories featuring acts of charity (tzedakah) and kindness (mitzvahs) and repairing the world (tikkun olam).