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New Spring Titles (233 series)

Digital Citizenship (Pogo Books)

What's the difference between fact and opinion? How can we find accurate and unbiased information? How do we navigate and experience digital media? What steps do we need to take to stay safe online? Digital Citizenship answers these questions and more while addressing how an informed citizenship relies on the critical and responsible usage of media and information. Bright, colour photographs complement the carefully levelled text to make reading for understanding easy and fun.

Dinosaur Rodeo

Can you imagine having a grandfather who claims he herded dinosaurs and that he was a rodeo dino buster way back when? Well, that's what Billy's grandpa maintains. Could it really be true? This story takes place in the Canadian Badlands near Drumheller, Alberta. During the Cretaceous Period, this region was home to a great variety of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, whose fossils are still being found there today. The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, in the heart of the badlands,


From Stegosaurus to Tyrannosaurus rex, this series introduces early readers to some of natural history's most iconic dinosaurs. Students learn about each dinosaur's physical characteristics, behaviour, habitat, and fossil record. labelled diagrams of each dinosaur and fun facts further young readers' learning.

Disney Great Character Guides

In this lighthearted approach to character education, readers learn what character traits are needed in their favourite Disney and Pixar characters' "jobs"-such as Elsa's role as Snow Queen or Woody's job as Andy's most beloved toy.

Disney Learning My First 1,000 Words

This engaging wordbook introduces early readers to new vocabulary words with the help of their favourite Disney characters. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and others introduce key vocabulary from the child's world alongside full-color illustrations.

Don't Go There!

Lid up, pants down, bottom on the seat!They must not have toilets in outer space, because this baby Martian keeps going in the wrong place: a bird bath, a bin, an up-turned hat . . . . Perhaps if he masters "The Toilet Song", he might learn where to go.

Early Bird Readers-Blue (Early Bird Stories™)

Fuel the imaginations and reading skills of emergent readers! These fun stories combine age-appropriate text and kid-friendly illustrations perfect for readers grades PreK-1.

Early Bird Readers-Pink (Early Bird Stories™)

Each book in this series for grades K-1 features two fun stories. Levelled, age-appropriate text and delightful illustrations appeal to emergent readers while helping them develop reading skills!

Early Bird Readers-Red (Early Bird Stories™)

Emergent K-1 readers will delight in these silly, simple, and carefully levelled stories! With two tales in each book and charming illustrations, readers will have fun while developing reading skills.

Early Bird Readers-Yellow (Early Bird Stories™)

Discover silly, fun, and simple stories perfect for building reading skills. Capture the attention and imaginations of emergent readers in grades PreK-1 with charming art and age-appropriate text. Suggested activities to test reading comprehension add to the fun!