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New French Titles (48 series)

Nye de l?île de Sable  

Quelque part au large, mais pas trop loin, se trouvent deux îles. Une est en grande partie faite de pierres tandis que l?autre est couverte de sable. C?est là que les problèmes commencent. La petite Nye ne comprend pas pourquoi les habitants de son île de Sable s?acharnent à construire jour après jour de beaux châteaux de sable qui sont détruits tous les soirs par les habitants de l?île de Roche qui y catapultent des pierres. Quand elle demande pourquoi, on lui répond toujours : « C?est comme ça

Qu'est-ce que je peux -tre? (Blossoms Beginning Readers: Level 1)  

Early readers can follow along with a curious BEE as he observes different people to see whatkind of jobs they do. Appealing illustrations and simple text help children learn about the jobs people do while they build confidence in their reading skills. Included in every book is a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests reading and writing prompts to help aid in reading comprehension.

S'amuser avec les maths (Les racines)  

Did you know we use math every single day? From counting sheep to fall asleep to using shapes to build things, it?s easy to have fun with math! Each book in the Fun with Math series focuses on a recognizable math topic that young readers will enjoy learning more about! With engaging, full-page photographs that connect to simple text and relevant sight words, each book builds confidence in reading skills and provides an introduction to foundational math concepts.

Serpents dangereux (Les jeunes plantes)  

Snakes might seem scary, but only some are dangerous to humans. In this series, learn about different types of snakes and the survival instincts that can make them dangerous. Close-up photos bring the facts and details to life.

Tacheté et Moucheté (Blossoms Beginning Readers: Level 4)  

Spots is a playful Dalmatian. Stripes is a quiet striped tabby. When their owner, Ms. Green, is at work in her flower shop, she expects her pets to get along. Especially at holiday time! But that?s a tall order for Spots and Stripes-two very different pets. Readers will laugh along with this unlikely duo as they fight like cats and dogs, then learn the secret to getting along. Included in every book is a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests reading and writing prompts to help aid in re

Tom l'entraîneur (Blossoms Beginning Readers: Level 3)  

Trainer Tom works with the animals at the zoo helping them learn important life skills. It isn?t always an easy job. Sometimes the animals don?t want to learn. But with Trainer Tom?s tips, tricks, and loving guidance, the animals at the zoo are guaranteed to be their best selves. Young readers, who are developing many of the same skills as the animals, will identify with the zoo animals as they begin to learn new ways of looking at life and relationships.

Tu es là pour moi  

Cet album aux illustrations vibrantes de la célèbre artiste Danielle Daniel encourage les enfants à manifester leur affection, à se soutenir mutuellement et à tenir compte du bien--tre des autres dans leur quotidien.