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Indigenous (15 series)

Canadian Celebrations (Butter Tarts)  

This series explores some uniquely Canadian holidays and the people who celebrate them, including regional variations as applicable.

Indigenous Communities in Canada (True North)  

Approximately 1.4 million Indigenous people live in Canada today. They come from a large number of communities, each with its own history, language, and cultural practices. Indigenous Canadian Communities in Canada will explore the lives of Indigenous people, both in the past and in current times.

Indigenous Life in Canada: Past, Present, Future (Coast 2 Coast 2 Coast)  

Indigenous peoples have played an influential role in Canadian history and continue to do so today. From the past and into the future, Indigenous Life in Canada reveals the challenges Indigenous peoples face, celebrates their diverse cultures, and highlights the contributions they make in Canada.

Indigenous Peoples’ Contributions to Canada (True North)  

This series will examine the contributions of Indigenous Peoples to Canada, in the topic areas given. The books will touch on the contributions of individuals, such as famous or noteworthy Indigenous People who contributed in these areas, as well as more general ideas or events, such as the sport of lacrosse in the Sports book.

La vie autochtone au Canada : au passé, au présent et au futur  

Les peuples autochtones ont joué un rôle influent dans l’histoire du Canada, et ils maintiennent leur rôle encore aujourd’hui. En observant du passé vers l’avenir, la série La vie autochtone au Canada révèle les défis que doivent surmonter les peuples autochtones, célèbre leur diversité culturelle et souligne leur contribution dans l’établissement du Canada.

Les communautés autochtones canadiennes  

Environ 1,4 million d'autochtones vivent aujourd'hui au Canada. Ils proviennent de plusieurs grandes communautés, chacune d'elle ayant sa propre histoire, sa propre langue et ses propres pratiques culturelles. Les livres de la série Les communautés autochtones canadiennes explorent la vie de ces citoyens autochtones, leur passé comme leur présent.

My Wounded Island  

In this heartbreakingly tender picture book, a young girl and her family become climate refugees as the small island they call home is slowly engulfed by rising sea levels.

Native American Life

When studying the indigenous peoples of North, Central, and South America, it is important to understand that Native American cultures are highly diverse. With more than 500 Native American nations and 300 different language groups, there are few universal characteristics that apply across tribal boundaries. Traditions, ceremonies, sports, games, dance, subsistence patterns, clothing, and religion often differed greatly from tribe to tribe. The Native American Life series has been written to dis

Orca Dual Language Books  

These dual-language books, with vibrant Illustrations and photographs, are sure to he a hit from toddlers to adults alike!

Peoples of North America

For centuries, the Peoples of North America hunted, farmed, and fought throughout the continent’s diverse landscape of dense woodlands, gleaming lakes, rugged canyons, and rolling plains. This series examines the cultures and lifestyles of these peoples as leaders, warriors, and families throughout history, as well as the immediate and long-term effects of European contact and conflict. Presented with objective coverage and eyewitness accounts, each title also includes a traditional legend and a