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Womens History Month (88 series)

10 at 10: The Surprising Childhoods of Ten Remarkable People

Audrey Hepburn, Roberto Clemente, Albert Einstein-kids know the names, but do they know what some of history's most famous figures were like at the age of ten? Carlyn Beccia presents ten brief and beautifully illustrated biographies to give young readers a fresh look at the lives of people they may only know through history books. Colourful timelines provide context and add additional details about these extraordinary lives.

A Girl Like Me

Empower young readers to embrace their individuality, reject societal limitations, and follow their dreams. This inspiring picture book brings together a poem by acclaimed author Angela Johnson and Nina Crews's distinctive photocollage illustrations to celebrate girls of colour.

A Girl Like You

Every girl is a wonder! A Girl Like You encourages girls to embrace what makes them unique, to choose kindness, and to be their own advocates. In an age when girls can be whatever they want, this books reminds them of all the ways to be beautiful, brilliant, and uniquely themselves.

Aim for the Skies: Jerrie Mock and Joan Merriam Smith's Race to Complete Amelia Earhart's Quest

When she was seven years old, Geraldine (Jerrie) Mock took her first airplane ride. She decided then and there to be a pilot. Growing up, she was inspired by radio broadcasts detailing the travels of aviatrix Amelia Earhart. Joan Merriam was 15 when she took her first plane ride in 1952. She got her pilot's license before she could even drive a car. And like Jerrie, Joan too was inspired by Earhart and wanted to circle the globe, following Earhart's exact route. Years later, when both women begi

Amazing Women in Canada (True North)  

Throughout history women have shaped the culture, politics, and people of the land we know as Canada. The women in this series have had a lasting impact on our daily lives. Explore their stories and learn how they have made a difference.

American Debates and Speeches

Through captivating images and engaging Side Bars, readers will understand the contextual significance of these influential documents and be able to connect them to modern forms of activism. Features include: Primary texts for readers to examine, as well as the context needed to better understand the importance of these texts. Features transcriptions of or from the texts on which each volume focuses. Historical photographs, paintings, and other primary source images give readers a glimpse into t

Bearcub Bios (Bearcub Books)

Be prepared to be inspired! Beginning readers will learn all about the lives and accomplishments of incredible women who are trying to make the world a better place for everyone. Readers will explore who and what inspired these women to make a difference.

Bearport Biographies

Ever wonder what inspired your favourite role model to rise to the top? This series introduces readers to some of the most inspiring people in recent times. Young people will learn about the lives and accomplishments of amazing people who reached for the stars and never gave up on their dreams. Each book contains information on the early lives of these role models as well as the inspirations and struggles they faced on their journeys to reach their goals.

Before They Were Famous (Crabtree Crown)  

We only know about famous people after they do something famous. But what about before they were famous? Learn about these well known figures in American history, what their lives were like as they were growing up, and what they did that made them famous. Every book also includes a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests guiding questions to help aid in reading comprehension. Downloadable Teacher's Guide available.

Beginner Biography (LOOK! Books™)

Role models may be all around us. People who do things to make life better for others may be a child's role model. Beginner Biography looks at great role models throughout history. Just in time for Black History, Summer Olympics, and Suffrage Centennial.