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Womens History Month (65 series)

Red Dove, Listen to the Wind

A middle-grade historical novel set in Dakota Territory of the 1890s against the backdrop of Wounded Knee. Red Dove, Listen to the Wind is the tale of a young girl caught between worlds.

Ruby, Head High

Inspired by an iconic Norman Rockwell painting and translated from an original French text, this is a story about the day a little girl held her head high and changed the world.

Science and Me: Inspired by the Discoveries of Nobel Prize Laureates in Physics, Chemistry and Medicine

Discover some of the inspirational men and women who have received Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry and Medicine from 1901 to the present day, among them Marie Curie, Hermann Joseph Muller and Donna Strickland. A glimpse into the often surprising lives and sometimes accidental discoveries of a group of extraordinary scientists, this fascinating collection shows that the science you learn at school really can change the world.

Sequence Change Maker Biographies

Who are some of women who changed the course of history? From freeing slaves to being the first American woman astronaut, these incredible women stood up for what they believed and inspired others to do the same.

She Represents: 44 Women Who Are Changing Politics . . . and the World

In a complicated political era when the United States feels divided, this book celebrates feminism and female contributions to politics, activism, and communities. Each of the forty women profiled in this illustrated book has demonstrated her capabilities and strengths in political and community leadership and activism, both in the United States and around the world. Written in an approachable, journalistic tone and rounded out by beautiful colour portraits and thought-provoking quotes, this boo

She's Got Game (Navigator)

Women have always excelled as athletes, but they often receive less attention than men. This series celebrates female athletes and the sports they champion. Each book also showcases how the sport has developed over time and offers a look ahead to the future of the sport.

STEM Trailblazer Bios

Read about the life stories and significant contributions of some of today's most accomplished figures in STEM fields. Narrative nonfiction text explores key details from each person's life, often including the pivotal moment that led them to their STEM career.

Stories Just for You (Dolphin Readers)  

Relatable stories about children with diverse backgrounds bring social-emotional skills to life. These engaging titles by school counselor author Vicky Bureau promote a growth mindset, self-reliance, and the celebration of individual differences. Each book features Words to Know and After Reading Quiz. Downloadable Teacher's Notes.

Suffrage: Canadian Women and the Vote  

Prior to women getting the vote, this is the way things used to be: In Canada, people believed only those with property should have the right to vote. If a couple co-owned a property they shared one vote. The man retained the right to cast that vote. Wages earned by women still went to their husbands. Women then started to fight for social reform. Suffragists rose up. They wanted to vote. They wanted to create change. Read about the epic struggles, years of hard work, perseverance, and the preju

Sunakali the "Messi of the Himalayas"

Sunakali, a small Nepalese country girl, keeps goats with her friends in the Himalayas. But the girls have a secret passion-soccer! They play it every afternoon in the pastures. One day, a visitor from Katmandu asks to meet them. "I want to start a national women?s soccer team. I will coach you and get you invited to tournaments." It's the beginning of an incredible true story.