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Best Reviews (180 series)

One Blue Gnu

When a box of cell phones is accidentally delivered to the zoo, one blue gnu quickly calls two white sheep, who plan a party - beep beep beep! This illustrated picture book will keep young readers giggling and guessing to the end. ONE BLUE GNU is a fun and colourful romp at the zoo, where we count from one to ten and down again in one huge party!

Operation Pangolin: Saving the World's Only Scaled Mammal

What animal is the world's only scaled mammal? The pangolin!Prized for their hard scales, pangolins are one of the most poached animals on the planet. They are also highly endangered. Yet scientists know very little about them. Pangolin rescuers and researchers such as Thai Nguyen have the difficult task of saving pangolins, changing local laws to prevent poaching, educating locals, and learning more about these mysterious creatures. Join author and photographer Suzi Eszterhas in this exploratio

Our Solar System (BrightPoint Press)

Our Solar System takes readers on a tour of the planets, moons, and other objects found in Earth’s neighbourhood in space. The series explains where these bodies are, what they look like, and how scientists study and explore them. Each book includes a graphic that presents key information visually, source notes, and resources to aid in further research.

Parliament of Owls, A

From a mischief of mice and a shiver of sharks to a caravan of camels and a rhumba of rattlesnakes, animals from around the globe gather a group and sashay, swim, slither, or sail through this party of animal plurals. The only question is ""What to call this animal arcade? This critter convention? This zigzag zoo? This purring and preening parade?"" A delightful and colourful romp through the perfection of animal plurals from the author of Memoirs of a Goldfish!


Dot isn’t like the other dogs: she doesn’t like going out for walks, and she doesn’t like going to the park. Herthing is staying at home with hertoy and best friend, Peep. But when Peep goes missing under the garden fence, Dot might have to venture out into the world . . .

Planet Ocean: Why We All Need a Healthy Ocean

We are all inextricably linked to the ocean. Author Patricia Newman and photographer Annie Crawley take readers to the Arctic Ocean, the Salish Sea in the Pacific Northwest, and the Coral Triangle off the coast of Indonesia to explore these connections. They look at climate change, pollution, and sustainability, and they highlight the efforts of local people in each area who are working to make a difference. Dive on in and find out what you can do to protect the health of the ocean! Page Plus QR

Power of Social Media, The

Social media has been used to turn average teens into celebrities, shake financial markets, and drive the masses into the streets in protest. It has also been blamed for increasing addictive behaviour, spreading lies, and lowering the self-esteem of users. This book brings together academic research, personal stories, and current events to explore the power of social media in today’s world.

Quiet Fire: Emily Dickinson's Life and Poetry

When Emily Dickinson died at her home in Amherst, Massachusetts, in 1886, she left a locked chest with hand-sewn notebooks and papers filled with nearly 1,800 unpublished poems. Four years later, her first collection was published and became a singular success. Today Dickinson is revered as one of America’s greatest and most original poets. Using primary source materials, including the poet’s own letters and poems, Quiet Fire presents the life and art of Emily Dickinson to a new generation.

Racial Bias: Is Change Possible?

Racial bias, particularly implicit racial bias, is an insidious harm affecting people of color in virtually every area of life. This book examines the factors that give rise to implicit racial bias, the damage it causes, whether we can change, and what we can do.

Rissy No Kissies

A lovebird who doesn't like kisses? Rissy's friends and family wonder if she's sick, confused, or rude. But kisses make Rissy uncomfortable. Can one little lovebird show everyone that there's no one right way to show you care? Rissy No Kissies carries the message that ""your body and your heart are yours, and you choose how to share."" A note at the end provides further information for kids, parents, and educators about body autonomy, consent, and different ways to show affection.