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Best Reviews (180 series)

River's Gifts, A: The Mighty Elwha River Reborn

For thousands of years, the Elwha river flowed north to the sea. The river churned with salmon, which helped feed bears, otters, and eagles. The Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, known as the Strong People, were grateful for the river's abundance. All that changed in the 1790s when strangers came who did not understand the river's gifts. The strangers built dams, and the environmental consequences were disastrous.Sibert honoree Patricia Newman and award-winning illustrator Natasha Donovan join forces t

Rumble and Roar: Sound around the World

Babble / Swoosh / Roar and WHOOSH!The roar of a waterfall, the chirp of insects, the thump of a heartbeat-sound is all around us! Rhyming text and atmospheric illustrations present four children in different parts of the world who encounter all sorts of sounds.

Running on Empty: Sleeplessness in American Teens

Nearly half of young adults fail to get the recommended eight to ten hours of sleep a night they need, and nearly a third have fallen asleep in school due to insufficient sleep. Lack of quality sleep impacts stress levels, academic performance, and physical and mental health, and in severe cases, it can even lead to death. Readers will learn how to get more and better sleep, as well as why sleep is vital to their well-being. Running on Empty: Sleeplessness in American Teens takes a much-needed s

Sandra Markle's Science Discoveries

Join award-winning science author Sandra Markle as she sheds light on some of the most fascinating scientific investigations in the animal kingdom. Solve real-life science mysteries alongside the teams of scientists dedicated to saving vanishing species or discovering new ones. And see how scientists, governments, and concerned citizens work together to pull endangered species back from the brink of extinction.


The elegant textile art of sashiko is celebrated in this picture book about the embroidery style's origins as a way to strengthen the jackets of fishermen from Awaji Island.

Science and the Skeptic: Discerning Fact from Fiction

Fake news, pseudoscience, and quackery have become scourges, spreading through society from social media all the way to Congress. The line between entertainment and reality, between fact and fiction, has become blurred. Some of the most crucial issues of our time-climate change, vaccines, and genetically modified organisms-have become prime targets for nefarious disinformation campaigns. Far too many people have become distrustful of real science. Even those who still trust science no longer kno

Sesame Street® Celebrating You and Me

Celebrate differences in people and their cultures with Elmo, Big Bird, and their Sesame Street friends in this inclusive series. Bright photographs and lively text depict moments of everyday life from food to family. A simple, respectful approach to diversity promotes kindness and empathy while developing social emotional skills.

Sesame Street® Field Trips

Discover some of the amazing places in our communities-from the post office to the zoo-with the help of friends from Sesame Street. Hands-on back-matter activities help children engage with what they've read.

Skilled and Vocational Trades (BrightPoint Press)

Skilled and Vocational Trades explores the career paths of electricians, plumbers, drone pilots and more. The books describe the jobs associated with each trade and provide information on training and education, life on the job, and the career outlook. Each book includes a fact sheet, a graphic that visually presents key information, source notes, and resources to aid in further research.

So Much More to Helen: The Passions and Pursuits of Helen Keller

We all know Helen Keller's story--but what else do you know about her? Did you know she was an activist, a rebel, a performer, a romantic, and so much more! Most stories about Helen Keller focus on the story of her deaf-blindness and scholarship, but there is more to Helen than her disability. This bouncy, rhyming story is an excellent tool for teaching children to see beyond the surface with everyone they encounter.