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Best Reviews (180 series)

F is for Feathers: A Bird Alphabet

What animal is descended from dinosaurs, pollinates plants, flies thousands of miles annually, can weigh less than a dime or as much as 340 pounds, and can even remember when humans have been kind or mean? Meet the bird! Birds are extraordinary creatures and they live almost everywhere on earth. With over 10,000 bird species, there's tremendous variety in sizes, shapes, colors, and abilities. And besides being beautiful to look at, birds are a critical part of our ecosystems and support biodiver

Finding Refuge: Real-Life Immigration Stories from Young People

English teacher Victorya Rouse has assembled a collection of true stories told by teens who know firsthand it means to leave a beloved but unsafe homeland for a distant place where everyone speaks another language.

Five-Minute Friendship Starters: A Sesame Street® Guide to Making a Friend

Making a new friend is easy with help from Sesame Street! Filled with suggestions for conversation starters, easy games, and ways to demonstrate caring, this delightful book helps young readers learn fun ways to approach, get to know, and have fun with a new friend-in just five minutes!

From the Tops of the Trees

A powerful true story of a young girl who has never known life outside a refugee camp and a father determined to help her dream beyond the fences that confine them.

Gender Inequality in Sports: From Title IX to World Titles

Forty years ago, US president Richard Nixon signed Title IX into law, making it illegal for federally funded education programs to discriminate based on sex. The law set into motion a massive boom in girls and women’s sports teams, from kindergarten to the collegiate level. Professional women’s sports grew in turn. Title IX became a massive touchstone in the fight for gender equality. So why do girls and women-including trans and intersex women-continue to face sexist attitudes and unfair rules

Get Involved (BrightPoint Press)

Get Involved explores the many ways people can volunteer in their communities. Readers will learn about a variety of opportunities, the skills required, and how to get started. Each book includes a graphic that presents key information visually, source notes, and resources to aid in further research.

Ghouls' Guide to Good Grammar, The

Grammar can be confusing, no matter if you're an adult, a child, or well . . . even a ghoul. And its rules can be hard to remember or keep straight. Ghastly things can happen when a comma or even a simple period is misplaced. But never fear! We have the perfect book to help you keep your head and your cool. In The Ghouls' Guide to Good Grammar basic rules of grammar such as correct punctuation and appropriate word choices are explained from a monster's point of view. For example, see how a simpl

Glowing Bunnies!?: Why We're Making Hybrids, Chimeras, and Clones

In the pages of Glowing Bunnies!? you will encounter some of the strange and wonderful genetically modified animals of tomorrow. Learn why scientists are going to such lengths to mess with genes and what the ethical and health-related consequences might be. By understanding both the science and the stakes, you too can judge the potential of this budding science to save-or ruin-the world. Presented as a compendium of existing and proposed creatures, this book describes the animals being created,

Grandma and the Rooster

It?s Chinese New Year and Grandma has a special present for her family: a rooster to make into delicious soup! But when her granddaughter, Xiaoyue, meets the rooster, she begs to keep him as a pet. Together, Grandma and Xiaoyue take the rooster on a journey through the city to ring in the New Year.

Grizzled Grist Does Not Exist, The

An exuberant rhyming picture book about a school trip to the woods, where no one sees the danger-apart from quiet Liam, who pays attention and saves the day with his particular skill of hiding. When the children and their frazzled teacher walk confidently into disaster, little Liam saves the day-a triumph for the quiet child no one notices.