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New Titles (69 series)

Baby African Animals (Pelican)  

Early readers will be introduced to animals that live in Africa. Vibrant images and simple text engage and support beginning readers. Each book features Words to Know, Sight Words, and Teacher and Caregiver Notes.

Back in Time

Knowledge of history is a key element in understanding the present. Many of our traditions, customs, language, and so much more have origins in cultures that existed hundreds, or even thousands, of years ago. This set explores what it was like living in six different ancient civilizations, including Greece, Egypt, Rome, Mesopotamia, Asia, and prehistoric America. Full-colour photos and compelling text will draw readers in and keep them engaged. Soon, they will feel like they have traveled back i

Banned Book

The words were dangerous."" For as long as people have been expressing their opinions in writing, there have been those in positions of power who have succeeded in censoring those thoughts. In this timely and provocative parable, a book is first subjected to redaction, then removal from a library. What becomes of a banned book? Is it really just landfill fodder in the end? Readers must decide for themselves.

Big Game, The (45th Parallel Press)

Love the excitement of a big game? The roar of a crowd when there's a win? The Big Game series gives readers the inside scoop on the biggest sporting events from tennis, soccer, baseball, football, horse racing, and basketball. Written as high-interest with struggling readers in mind, this series includes: considerate vocabulary, engaging content and fascinating facts, clear text and formatting, and compelling photos.

Biology Basics: Need to Know (SilverTip Books)

Bring biology to life with this curricular high-interest, low-reading level series. An engaging exploration of the living world keeps struggling readers interested while carefully levelled text paired with a dyslexic-friendly font and design make learning easy. Featured infographics and SilverTips for Success guide a review of key concepts from the book to reinforce comprehension and helps readers ace their next test.

Blue Delta Biographies

Blue Delta Books, a Hi-Lo Books biography series, tell the stories of people who have changed our world in profound ways. This series features a diverse group of people. Some are more well-known than others, but all deserve to be highlighted for the positive impact they have had. Each Blue Delta Book features full-colour images on every page and tells the person’s story from childhood throughout their life. These books are sure to inspire young teen readers. Each book is 48 pages long.

Building Big

People have been constructing different types of buildings for thousands of years. Each structure was built using architecture--an amazing combination of science and art. This series explores different styles of architecture and takes an up-close look at some remarkable buildings and the architects who designed and built them.

Bullying & Mental Health Series for Young Adults

In this series, you'll find the fiction novel, THE ONLY WAY OUT, that tells a gripping tale of bullying and mental health struggles in a high school setting. It evokes emotion in readers, heightens their awareness of important issues, and inspires a more positive way forward. The book is dedicated to the late Amanda Todd, and donates part of all proceeds to the Amanda Todd Legacy Society. You'll also find an educational bullying and mental health workbook, MANY WAYS UP, that accompanies the nove

Camp Creepy Lake (Leaves Chapter Books)  

Once upon a time, there was a camp on the shores of pretty Sleepy Lake. One summer, the kids who came to camp were so BAD, the counsellors hired a witch to put a curse on the camp. Camp Sleepy Lake became Camp Creepy Lake. This first chapter book series follows three friends as they spend summer vacation fighting the creeps at summer camp. Notes to caregivers and teachers provide question prompts to encourage reader comprehension and extension. Downloadable Teacher’s Guide available.

Career Clues for Kids (21st Century Skills Library)

What do you want to be when you grow up? Answering this question can be tricky for young readers. There are so many choices, where does one begin? Let's start with a few questions. What's your favorite thing to do? Do you have a favorite hobby? This series helps readers discover how their interests can lead to a lifelong future career.