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New Titles (127 series)

Canada at War (Expedition)  

Canada has participated in battles that have shaped our nation and the world. Explore the history of these battles and learn about ways in which Canada has made a difference in times of conflict. This series honours Canadians who have answered the call in times of need to defend our country.

Cancel Culture: Social Justice or Mob Rule?

The rise of so-called cancel culture has enabled voices on social media to express disapproval for people’s words or actions. Individuals can be cancelled for racist statements, sexual misconduct, or other perceived misbehaviour. Cancel Culture: Social Justice or Mob Rule? looks at this phenomenon and the controversy over whether it often goes too far.

Caring for Your Magical Pets (Hi Jinx)

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility, especially when that pet breathes fire or bursts into flames! Putting a spin on classic pet guides, this series details how to care for magical pets through witty, conversational text that explores life cycles, how much food and exercise, and special care each pet needs along with information about the joys and potential hazards each pet brings. With humorous imagery that works hand in hand with the text, this series is sure to spark young readers' imaginat

Cole Champion: STEM Superhero

As the only "normal" at a school for the superpowered, Cole Champion is often challenged to prove why he deserves to be there. But with the help of his robot Sidekick and fellow STEM lover Mireya Morales, can he save the day his own way?


A study in nature-based colours, Christina Rossetti’s timeless poem is here represented in vivid, interpretive art by French illustrator Laëtitia Devernay.

Colorful Minds: Tips for Managing Your Emotions (Fusion Books)

Our minds are full of colour. But what do you do when one colour shines brighter than the others? This series is the ultimate mindfulness toolkit packed with tips and activities that help readers manage strong emotions. Beautiful and engaging visuals replicate a hand-drawn doodle style while the content aids in self-awareness and personal development for young children, allowing them to find their own ways of dealing with anger, sadness, excitement, and nervousness.

Committing to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (21st Century Skills Library)

With this series, young citizens of the world will learn how they can commit to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Books include thought-provoking questions and hands-on activities for youth to engage in their own communities and make an impact on local and global levels! Readers will be prepared to take informed action in accordance with the National Council for the Social Studies C3 Framework.

Community Places (Blastoff! Beginners)

Time for errands! We drop off books at the library and send letters at the post office. Places like these keep our communities running! This series takes students who are just starting to read independently into familiar places in their communities. Simple, predictable text and bright, colourful photos introduce each place, while features such as diagrams and labels reinforce the text. Take a walk around your community with this fun series!

Country Profiles

Adventure abroad! This series takes young explorers on a world tour. Readers will stop at famous landmarks, meet new people groups, and experience unique customs and holidays. To further celebrate cultural diversity, these books teach how to speak foreign words, cook staple foods, and play traditional games.

Crawly Creatures (Bolt)

They're creepy, they're crawly, and this series brings readers up close and personal with them. Through infographics, gross fun facts, and carefully levelled text, readers will learn about the lives of these creatures and the important roles they play in nature.