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New Titles (69 series)

Dino Holidays

Dinosaurs big and small gather to decorate, eat, and even compete in party festivities like only prehistoric carnivores and herbivores would. Lisa Wheeler and Barry Gott-creators of the enormously popular Dino-Sports picture books-team up to create celebrations of epic proportions!

Doomed History

There are times and places where humans have been unable to escape danger-where circumstances conspire to create the worst of all possible worlds. Take readers on a high-interest look at places they would not want to be in this dramatic and compelling approach to Doomed History.

Early Bird Readers-Blue (Early Bird Stories™)

Fuel the imaginations and reading skills of emergent readers! These fun stories combine age-appropriate text and kid-friendly illustrations perfect for readers grades PreK-1.

Exploring Indian Mythology

Picturesque landscapes, magnificent palaces, bloody battles, divine interventions, and magical powers abound in the fantastical tales that make up the mythology of India. Though the stories originated in ancient times, they still play a central role in modern Indian life and culture. Exploring Indian Mythology tells many beloved and engaging stories of creation, good and evil, war, destiny, and fabled animals.

Fast Track: Living With

How do people live with conditions that don't go away?This series looks at chronic conditions that affect children. It looks at the symptoms, treatment, and impact on daily life. The series takes an upbeat and positive approach, showing how people live with these conditions and continue to have a full and active life.

Groundbreakers: Black Moviemakers

For more than 100 years, Black filmmakers have made incredible contributions to American cinema and culture. These groundbreakers created thought-provoking stories about the experiences of Black people to broaden perspectives and increase awareness. This series examines their lives and innovative work.

Hideous History (Roar! Books)

Visit a past you might not want to relive. From bloody battlefields to devastating disaster sites, some of our history is truly hideous. Take a hi-lo adventure to see if you could survive a deadly disease or the quickest draw in the wild west.

Holidays in Our Home

Explore the beauty and significance of holidays and festivals around the world! Children have the opportunity to embrace multiculturalism and understand the world around them at a young age. Each book includes cultural backmatter and an activity or craft to continue the celebration in the classroom or in your own home.

How the World Worships (45th Parallel Press)

Reading Level 2, Interest Level Grades-4-8. What are the core teachings and beliefs of Buddhism? Readers will learn about one of the world's most widely practiced religions through the lens of two different perspectives and dive deep into important figures, sacred texts, holidays, and commandments. This narrative nonfiction book uses considerate text that is written at a higher maturity level with a lower reading level to engage and accommodate struggling readers.

How to Build Our World (Fusion Books)

Take a tour of different parts of our planet, from cities to rain forests and oceans. Making ecosystems entertaining to young readers, each book dives into How to Build Our World. Celebrate our planet with this fun and engaging series.