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New Titles (127 series)

Detective Daisy  

In this beginning reader mystery series, Daisy wears her detective hat to solve perplexing mysteries in Classroom 202. She doesn’t stop until every case is cracked! Every book also includes a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests guiding questions to help aid in reading comprehension. Downloadable Teacher's Guide available.

Dino Board Books

Join in with the dino sports-filled fun in the series Dino Board Books. Learn how dinosaurs play different sports with simple rhyming text and bright, appealing illustrations—written by LisaWheeler with illustrations by Barry Gott.

Dino Holidays

Dinosaurs big and small gather to decorate, eat, and even compete in party festivities like only prehistoric carnivores and herbivores would. Lisa Wheeler and Barry Gott-creators of the enormously popular Dino-Sports picture books-team up to create celebrations of epic proportions!

Domestic Extremism: How Big Is the Threat?

Violent incidents that can be directly attributed to domestic extremism are increasing. In recent years, experts note, most of those incidents were perpetrated by right-wing extremists. These extremists follow a mix of ideologies. What they have in common-the driving force behind their actions-is the belief in violence, intimidation, and mass destruction to advance their social and political views.

Down with this Ship

In this funny, flirty, and geeky rom com, teenage fanfic writer Kole must come to terms with internet fame, her insecurities, and a crush she never saw coming.

Early Bird Readers-Blue (Early Bird Stories™)

Fuel the imaginations and reading skills of emergent readers! These fun stories combine age-appropriate text and kid-friendly illustrations perfect for readers grades PreK-1.

Earth Detectives

How do animals survive in their habitats? How do mountains form? What causes volcanoes and earthquakes? Our planet is full of amazing things to explore and question. Get out your magnifying glass and notebook. It’s time to search for the facts and become Earth Detectives.

Earth Science-Geology: Need to Know (SilverTip Books)

Dig into geology with this high-interest low-reading level series. An engaging exploration of rocks, minerals, and fossils will keep struggling readers interested. Covering such curricular topics as how rocks are formed, where they can be found, and how we use them. Featuring infographics and SilverTips for Success, readers will review key concepts from the books to reinforce comprehension followed by test-taking tips.

Eighteen Vats of Water

As long as he can remember, Xian has wanted to be a great calligrapher, like his father. When he turns six, he's finally old enough to start studying. Calligraphy is more than writing-it's painting-and Xian learns how much work and creativity go into what look like effortless strokes. Based on stories still told about Xian and his father, famous calligraphers of the 4th century, Eighteen Vats of Water is about determination, creativity, and learning how to see, as well as the importance of famil

Eye-mazing Illusions (Create! Books)

Prepare to be amazed! Optical illusions are tricks that our eyes and brain play on us to make us see things differently. Explore the science behind what makes them work using color, light, and patterns. Featuring fun illusions, these books are totally mind-boggling!