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New Titles (69 series)

Mythology of the World (BrightPoint Press)

Mythology of the World introduces readers to mythological traditions around the world. The series covers the gods, goddesses, heroes, villains, monsters, and themes that have been important to a wide variety of cultures. Each book includes a graphic that presents key information visually, source notes, and resources to aid in further research. Hi-Lo YA nonfiction.

NHL Teams

This action-packed series introduces young readers to the hottest teams in the National Hockey League. Each book provides an inside look at the team's history, from its formation up to the present day, while highlighting the team's greatest players and key moments. Each book includes a table of contents, team facts, additional resources links, a glossary, and an index.

Racing Sports

From whipping around corners in open cockpit vehicles to zooming down bumpy tracks on dirt bikes, racing sports are full of thrilling moments. This action-packed series showcases six of the worldÎs biggest racing sports, describing their history, equipment, and what happens in the sportsÎ exciting races. Each book pairs short paragraphs of easy-to-read-text with plenty of colourful photos to make reading engaging and accessible.

Red Rhino

This series of short novels was designed to engage a broad spectrum of struggling readers. No longer will upper-elementary students have to read material junior to their maturity and interests. Characters are age appropriate and come from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Science fiction, sports, paranormal, realistic life, historical fiction, and fantasy are just a few of the many genres.


From fierce Komodo dragons to sneaky chameleons, nature is full of incredible reptiles. This exciting series showcases eight of these cold-blooded creatures, describing their diets, habitats, and what their lives are like in the wild. Each book pairs short paragraphs of easy-to-read-text with plenty of colourful photos to make reading engaging and accessible.

Science Starters

Inspire and encourage budding scientists with these early guides to basic STEM concepts. From simple machines to electricity and magnetism, take readers on a journey to discover how the world works.

Seedlings: Community Helpers

The popular Seedlings series offers irresistible introductions to community helpers. Written in a friendly voice, filled with dynamic photos, and featuring text crafted for the youngest of readers, these books spotlight the ways in which certain professions help other members of our communities. As introductions to informational text, these titles will plant the seeds of knowledge!

Space Explorer (Bolt Jr.)

Some planets are covered in giant cliffs and craters. Others are home to wicked winds and scorching heat. Inspire beginning and reluctant readers to explore the vast beauty of their solar system through carefully levelled text, fast facts, and engaging graphics that explore each planet’s incredible features, size, and atmosphere.

Spot Our Solar System

Blast off into space with a search-and-find adventure through our solar system. Young astronomers discover new vocabulary and get a close-up view of the eight major planets. Low level text builds reading success with incredible images to captivate early readers.