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New Titles (67 series)

That's Not a Dino! (Fusion Books)

With sharp teeth, giant bodies, and terrific tails, dinosaurs once ruled the planet. But they weren’t alone! Travel back in time on an adventure to find out all about creatures that lived alongside (but were not) dinos. Real fossil photos alongside captivating illustrations of dinosaurs make for a roaring good time for dinos lovers and budding scientists alike.

The Clues are in the Poo: The Story of Dinosaur Scientist Karen Chin

Karen Chin is hunting for treasure. But she's not interested in gold or jewelsÉshe's interested in poo. Fossilized dinosaur poo, specifically. What can she learn from this prehistoric feces? Follow the clues and see where Karen's curiosity takes her as she searches for answers about how dinosaurs lived and what the world looked like long ago.

The Fight for Midnight

ItÎs been a rough year for Alex Collins. In the past twelve months, heÎs lost his best friend, become the target of the two biggest bullies at school, and been sentenced to community service. But on June 25, 2013, he gets a call for help from Cassie Ramirez, the prettiest girl in school. At last, he feels like his luck might be changing.

The Glorious Forest that Fire Built

A wildfire roars through the forest, leaving nothing but ashes until seeds sprout from deep below. Root by root and seed by seed, the forest rises again. In this lyrical cumulative nonfiction story about forest succession, readers will learn that forest fires are critical to forest health and that the end of a tree's life provides the opportunity for new life. Back matter explains the timeline of the forest cycle in more detail.

The Most Important Animal of All

When seven children are asked about which is the most important animal of all, they learn about the key roles different animals play on Earth. Join the children to find out how special these creatures are in this very first introduction to ecosystems.

Travel Guide For Monsters Part Deux: A Canadian Adventure

Wrangling your monster to a rodeo? Or sharing the stands with him at a hockey game? Buckle up for another cross country trip with your favorite monster--from British Columbia to Newfoundland and all the Canada in between! Wherever you and your monster are traveling, Travel Guide for Monsters Part Deux: Canada is full of essential tips to help you both enjoy the sights of Canada and avoid monster-related trouble--eh?

When Naiche Visits the Stars

Naiche, a mixed-race girl, dreams of one day making spaceships like her parents who work for NASA. While her mother teaches her the ways of the Apache and Chickasaw, she imagines an encounter with aliens from Zotoc. Will she one day be able to fly to meet them?