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Graphic Novels (91 series)

My Beijing

Yu'er and her grandfather live in a small Beijing neighbourhood full of big personalities. Throughout four stories, they encounter surprise acts of kindness and even hints of magic. In one story, Yu'er takes up swimming practice, despite a disability that limits the use of her legs. In another, she discovers a hideaway full of musical insects. Chinese artist Nie Jun pays tribute to Beijing's hutongs (residential alleyways) in elegantly drawn stories with a touch of magical realism.

Mystic Learnings: The Group of Seven

The year is 1920. Canada is about to experience an artistic cataclysm. Seven young artists would come together to form the Group of Seven—and would be hailed as Canada’s most famous painters. The Group of Seven shared a common cause: to bring appreciation to local landscapes often seen as harsh and boring. The artists took inspiration from the country’s vast wilderness and established a style that taught Canadians to finally love their own land. Together, the group started one of the most influe

Never Forget: Heroes of 9/11 (Bear Claw Books)

Follow the true stories of heroes on the day that changed America forever: September 11, 2001. This riveting series takes readers into the lives of heroes, from medics and firefighters to everyday people, who faced terrible danger and showed true courage. Dynamic illustrations and first-hand accounts of those who stepped up when others needed them most celebrate the heroes of our nation.

Night and Dana

When special-effects obsessives Dana and Lily begin work on an eco-horror movie, tempers flare. But as everything starts going up in flames, Dana begins to forge her voice as a climate activist.

No Reason to Apologize: The Resilient Legacy of Viola Desmond  

Viola Desmond is an enduring icon who embodies the fight for racial equality and human rights. When she refused to give up her seat in the whites-only section of a cinema in 1946, she took a stand against injustice. Viola Desmond was also, however, a human being whose actions impacted her career, her relationships, and her reputation among the Black community in Halifax. Strong-willed and stubborn, Viola Desmond’s ideologies would be sorely tested throughout her life, even as her efforts shone a

Notes from a Sickbed

In 2009, Tessa Brunton experienced the first symptoms of myalgic encephalomyelitis (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome). She spent much of the next eight years unwell, in a medical holding pattern, housebound and often alone. In 2017, she found a strategy that helped reduce her symptoms, and soon began creating the first instalments of a graphic memoir. Notes from a Sickbed collects previously released and brand-new, unseen comics that recall her experiences with honesty, a pointed wit, and

Paranormal Mysteries (Black Sheep)

Strange happenings splash across newspaper headlines with no earthly explanation and leave us wondering: is it just a coincidence, or is it really something not of this world? These graphic narratives delve into paranormal stories that have captured the attention of nations and left believers and skeptics at odds. With historical quotes, timelines, and theories on possible causes, this high-interest series lets reluctant readers explore the mysteries and reach their own conclusions of what reall

Pirate Tales (Black Sheep)

Ahoy there! Are you ready for an adventure on the high seas? The titles in this graphic nonfiction series plunge reluctant readers into stories of daring sword fights, ruthless captains, and piles of plunder. Colourful, detailed illustrations and engaging dialogue bring each biographical tale to life, while actual quotes keep them historically grounded.

Power Button

Kaz and Truly, two mismatched cousins, have discovered a pair of mysterious matching wristbands. And when they bump the bands together, they summon an outer-space superhero. Meet Trinn Cyclo, the Omega Knight! It's a weird afternoon. But as Kaz, Truly, and the rest of Oregon become targets of alien invaders Maximo Skulldigg and the Galactic Horde, they'll need all the help they can get!

Powwow Mystery

Indigenous twins Jaime and Marie Longbow love solving mysteries, and that is exactly what they get to do travelling around from powwow to powwow.