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Beech Street Books (46 series)

Canadian Families (True North)  

Canadians come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Many parts of our lives are similar to those of neighbours, but we might do other things very differently. Canadian Families explores the different ways that people from diverse backgrounds live their day-to-day lives.

Canadian Science: Technology and Sustainability (Coast 2 Coast 2 Coast)  

Books in this series will each examine Canadian technology as it relates to sustainability and stewardship. Books will describe what is happening in Canada today as well as provide a look forward into the future of these technologies.

Canadian Structures (True North)  

From coast to coast, Canada is filled with marvels of modern-day architecture and engineering. Canadian Structures takes readers on a tour of different structures across the country, exploring where, how, and why they were built. Readers also will learn more about the scientific and technological forces acting upon the structure.

Cooking Across Canada! (Expedition)  

An informative and entertaining series about cooking with fun facts and recipes from across the country. These titles will touch on the traditions and history of the food and include healthy choices and fun facts.

Des Canadiennes extraordinaires (Vrai nord)  

Dans l’Histoire, les femmes ont façonné la culture, la politique et la population de notre grand pays qu’est le Canada. Les femmes mises en valeur dans cette série ont marqué nos vies au quotidien. Découvre leur histoire et apprends de quelle façon elles ont fait une différence.

Disasters in Canada: Prepare and Be Safe (True North)  

Disaster can strike at any time. Communities across Canada have felt the effects of wildfires, floods, ice storms, and other natural disasters. Disasters in Canada: Prepare and Be Safe teaches readers the science behind these disasters, how Canadian communities prepare for them, and what families can do to stay safe.

Épreuves de force animalières (Saunders Book Company)

Coups de griffes. Morsures. C’est la bataille des bêtes ! Accroche-toi à ton siège tandis que des animaux féroces s’affrontent. Seuls les plus rapides, les plus forts et les plus intelligents survivront. Qui triomphera ?

Explorers of Canada (Expedition)  

Follow in the footsteps of some of Canada's greatest explorers in this high-interest series. Each title chronicles the timeline of an explorer, explains the motivation behind their journey, and examines their relationship with Indigenous Peoples. A combination of modern and historic maps and colourful images highlight the places visited and discovered by these adventurers.

Fight for Survival: Predator vs Prey (True North)  

Animal adaptations help animals stay alive by protecting them from predators or making it easier to catch prey. Each book in the Fight for Survival: Predator vs Prey series profiles the habitat, diet, appearance, and behaviours of one predator and one prey. Readers will explore the hunting adaptions of the predator animal and the defense adaptions of the prey as it fights to survive. Beautiful photos and a variety of infographics will aid learning.

Financial Literacy in Canada (Expedition)  

This series explores the importance of financial literacy as a life skill for all young Canadians. Learn about how to handle money and the benefits and pitfalls of borrowing and investing. Practical examples, infographics, and case studies help the reader to begin their journey to financial literacy.