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Introducing Beech Street Books.

Beech Street Books crafts curriculum focused books for Canadian schools and libraries.

Striving to reflect Canada’s rich diversity while supporting student learning is what sets Beech Street Books apart.

Decodable Phonics for Teens!

TERL: Decodable Phonics for Teens!

Teen Emergent Reader Libraries are new decodable text books for teens that allow readers to move progressively through phonics skills.

Both fiction and non-fiction, these sets include extensive teaching support for the mature, engaging content in each book.

All New iPad Packages.

Technology meets tradition with our perfectly paired packages. Choose from five collections including Oh Canada!, Canadian French, Fun Books, Paperbacks and High School/YA. Each themed collection includes between 69-100 of our favourite titles along with an iPad Mini 2.

Displays all across Canada

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Each year we host or participate in displays across the country. View the books and place orders or take them away in person! Just have a look at when we will be coming to your area.

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