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When You Go Into Nature

When you go into nature, just look around you. You'll learn to move slowly and let go, to be flexible and soft while staying strong, and to revel in your uniqueness while working with those around you. This gentle introduction to mindfulness and meditation encourages children to take cues from the creatures and sights around them, giving readers tools to manage worry and big feelings. Adorable, kid-friendly illustrations make the lessons widely accessible for little heads and hearts.

Where Do I End and You Begin?

A sweetly poetic tribute to the interconnectedness of creatures and the natural world as well as humans and our loving relationships with one another is delicately rendered by artist Monique Felix.

Where Do I Live? (Crabtree Roots)  

Do you live in a town or a city? Each book in the Where Do I Live? series focuses on defining an area that people live in. Using colourful photographs that connect to simple sentences and relevant sight words, each book builds confidence in reading skills and helps define the places we live in. Every book in this series also includes a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests guiding questions to help aid in reading comprehension. Downloadable Teacher's Guide available.

Where do Words Come From?

Words are everywhere. But do you know where your favourite words come from? Maybe they plop to the ground from high up in the sky! Or maybe workers piece them together in big factories. Or maybe they come from a one-of-a-kind word-maker . . . but who could that be? Vivid letter-filled illustrations explore imaginative ways words are made as this book shares the secret to creating new words.

Where Does It Come From? (Bullfrog Books)

Eat up! Discover how different foods get from farms and gardens to our tables in this fun series. Real photos show the steps of the cycle or process, while a picture glossary reinforces new vocabulary. Each book features a comprehensive diagram to illustrate each step.

Where Does It Go? (Bullfrog Books)

What happens to garbage after it is picked up? Where does water go? Discover what happens to garbage, recycling, water, and mail after it leaves the home. Infographics use descriptions and real-life photos to show the steps in each cycle, while a picture glossary reinforces new vocabulary.

Where Does Our Food Come From?

How does your food get to the grocery store and to your table? Why do we eat certain foods and not others? This series answers those questions and more, looking at agriculture and geography as well as cultural practices and nutrition recommendations.

Where I Live (Scout)

Home can mean many things. It can be the street a person lives on or the planet that supports us all. This engaging series gives young readers a high-level look at their place in the world.

Where Is the Dragon?

In this delightful rhyming story, three knights go looking for a dragon in the dark. The king won't sleep until they find it. The knights know everything about dragons. With only one candle between them, they go out into the night. Is that a dragon? Attack! Another stellar book by New York Times Best Illustrated Book recipient Leo Timmers, this title features Timmers' trademark intricately detailed illustrations and a humorous contrast between the illustrations and the words.

Where Materials Come From (Crabtree Seedlings)  

This vibrant and engaging series for young children follows the cycle of raw materials to finished product. Readers learn how natural things are turned into products we know and use every day. Useful and succinct facts and bold images reinforce knowledge and get readers thinking about natural and mechanical processes. Free downloadable TeacherÎs Guide available.