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The Opioid Epidemic

When synthetic opioids were developed a quarter-century ago, many physicians believed the drugs would help alleviate the pain caused by severe injuries and debilitating diseases. But while the drugs do deaden pain, they can lead to devastating addiction as well as death through overdose. Meanwhile, the natural opioid heroin continues to be a much-abused illegal drug that threatens the lives of its users.

The Outdoors

The Outdoors introduces readers to the many thrilling kinds of hunting and fishing. Colourful photographs and clear text take readers through the equipment, skills, and techniques needed for each sport. A focus on safety and conservation helps prepare readers to protect and explore the great outdoors.

The Outfit

Join the Outfit, a band of mystery-solving teens, as they investigate chilling ghost stories and strange happenings around their hometown. Fast-paced action and interesting characters in this high/low series add excitement for reluctant young adult readers.

The Push for Social Change

Social change can occur slowly and quietly but it is often the result of large numbers of people mobilizing for the purpose of bringing about change. The Push for Social Change series explores how and why social change occurs and what impact major movements have had on people's lives. All books will examine the events that led to particular social change movements; what those movements did; how and why they did it; and the short-term and long-term impact of those movements. Quotes from people on

The Real Science of Superpowers (Alternator Books )

Fictional heroes can fly at the speed of light, go invisible at will, jump back and forth in time, and use their super strength or laser vision to save the day! Will mere mortals ever be able to super-size their physical abilities in the same way? Learn the real-life science behind superpowers and what scientists are doing to make those powers a reality.

The Reluctant Storyteller

Chooch is reluctant about many things. He is reluctant to be a storyteller like the rest of his Cherokee family, and he is reluctant to spend spring break in the small town of Greasy, Oklahoma, with Uncle Dynamite. But Chooch will find out there?s more than one way to tell a story.The Reluctant Storyteller includes: The Energy of Thunder Beings by Art Coulson and Roy Boney, Jr. and Cherokee Life Today by Traci Sorell.

The Risks of Social Media

Social media's explosive growth has come with many benefits but it has also resulted in significant risks including addiction, deception, and bullying. This series explores those risks and the challenges of addressing them. All books feature real-world accounts, fully-documented quotes, and clear, thoughtful narrative.

The Science and Technology of Sports

No matter the sport, athleticism and hard work are central to athletic performance. But there is more going on when a person runs, jumps, kicks, or throws. Physical forces and biomechanical factors help determine speed, stamina, accuracy, and more. The Science and Technology of Sports series examines the biomechanics, physics, and mathematical principles that shape athletic performance and competition. How these factors influence training and common injuries is also discussed.

The Science of Fun (Core Library)

From riding a roller coaster to riding a wave, there are many ways to have fun. Some people enjoy playing catch with friends. Others prefer zipping down a waterslide. The Science of Fun examines the science behind all your favourite activities. Whether it's swinging at a playground or having a snowball fight during the winter, understanding the science of each activity can make both science and the activity more interesting and fun!

The Science of Renewable Energy

The Science of Renewable Energy introduces students to several of today's most important alternative energy sources. Readers will discover the scientific concepts underlying these technologies, learn how they compare with fossil fuels, and explore the cutting-edge research that is going on in each field. The books explore what makes each renewable energy source unique and how each will fit into our diversified energy future. Each volume includes callout definitions for subject vocabulary, diagra