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The Science of Fun (Core Library)

From riding a roller coaster to riding a wave, there are many ways to have fun. Some people enjoy playing catch with friends. Others prefer zipping down a waterslide. The Science of Fun examines the science behind all your favourite activities. Whether it's swinging at a playground or having a snowball fight during the winter, understanding the science of each activity can make both science and the activity more interesting and fun!

The Science of Renewable Energy

The Science of Renewable Energy introduces students to several of today's most important alternative energy sources. Readers will discover the scientific concepts underlying these technologies, learn how they compare with fossil fuels, and explore the cutting-edge research that is going on in each field. The books explore what makes each renewable energy source unique and how each will fit into our diversified energy future. Each volume includes callout definitions for subject vocabulary, diagra

The Second Race of Rabbit and Tortoise

Everyone knows the famous fable about the race between the slow-but-steady tortoise and the fast-but-lazy rabbit. But what happens when they agree to race again? Who will win this time? And will the rabbit repeat his mistakes?

The Secret Life of Kitty Granger

It's 1967, and Kitty Granger is about to accidentally become a spy. A working-class girl from London's East End who today would be recognized as on the autism spectrum, she's spent sixteen years hiding her peculiarities from the world. But after her hyper-awareness helps her survive a chance encounter with a Russian spy ring, two British secret agents offer her a job. Kitty's first mission draws her into a fascist conspiracy led by a prominent politician-who’s also an unreformed Nazi sympathizer

The Secret Society of Monster Hunters (Torch Graphic Press)

Zombies and dragons and krakens, oh my! Join Elena, her big brother Jorge, and their friends Marcus, Fiona, and Amy as they travel through time, from the 20s to the 90s, hunting for mythical monsters and keeping them safe from the eyes of history! This graphic novel series includes monster profiles and survival tips as well as in-depth content on the social and political climate, entertainment, fashion, and popular idioms of that decade. Backmatter includes an activity page.

The Secret Stream

A stream narrates its own natural history as it flows from its headwaters in the mountains to its mouth in the lowlands, introducing the plants and animals that line its banks and live in its waters. The poetic story, combining lyricism with natural history excellence, is augmented and enriched by informative sidebars and backmatter. Birds, mammals, amphibians, and insects peek out from the beautiful, scientifically accurate illustrations.

The Secrets of Star Whales

In a mission to preserve the memory of his deceased father, 12-year-old Maxion Belmont, aboard the space station Azura, discovers the secrets of the most elusive creatures in the galaxy: star whales.

The Seven Wonders of the Modern World (Blastoff! Discovery)

Pack your bags! It’s time for an adventure to some of the world’s most important landmarks. This seven-book series explores human-made wonders that date as far back as 700 BCE! Along the way, levelled text introduces readers to the purpose, building techniques, later developments, and current uses of each wonder.

The Soda Bottle School: A True Story of Recycling, Teamwork, and One Crazy Idea

Why not use soda bottles, which were scattered all around, to form the cores of the walls? Never underestimate the power of an idea! Laura Kutner, the real-life ""Seûo Laura"" in The Soda Bottle School, wrote this book because she wanted to ""inspire young readers to believe in themselves and work together to make the world a better place, and have fun at the same time."" Sometimes thinking outside the box--or inside the bottle--leads to the perfect solution.

The Songbird and the Rambutan Tree

Batavia, Dutch East Indies, 1942. Emmy has the voice of an angel but hasnÎt sung a note since a family tragedy. With war looming, her father plans to ship her off to a singing school in England for safety. But all Emmy wants to do is stay in Batavia with her best friend, Bakti, even if it means putting up with her snooty classmate, Violet. Then the Japanese army invadesÑand as war erupts in the Dutch East Indies, EmmyÎs world falls apart. When her own actions sabotage her chance to evacuate the