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Trail of Crumbs  

In this young adult novel, Greta and her twin brother are abandoned by their father and stepmother, and Greta struggles with the confusion and shame she feels after being raped.

Transgender Lives

Meet Katie, Hayden, Dean, Brooke, David, Julia, and Natasha. Each of these transgender individuals tell how they came to understand, accept, and express their gender identities, as well as the sorrows and successes they experienced.

Trashing the Planet: Examining Our Global Garbage Glut

Globally, humans produce 1.3 billion tons of garbage every year; the amount will triple by the year 2100. The United States, China, Brazil, Japan, and Germany are the leading trash generators. Nuclear waste is produced around the world through mining, nuclear-driven energy, and weapons production. Waste-related pollution runs into rivers and seeps into ground water. Flooding is caused by garbage clogging drains, and the atmosphere can be poisoned by the toxic discharge from trash. When waste is

Traumatic Brain Injury: From Concussion to Coma

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) range from concussions to penetrating head injuries to life-threatening brain swelling and coma. And they have countless causes: war, sports, car and motorcycle accidents, falls, and physical violence. The aftereffects can be devastating, including compromised memory and concentration, loss of hearing, physical disabilities, depression, brain disorders, and, in the worst-case scenario, death. Find out about the different types of TBIs, what causes them, and how th

Tripping Back Blue

Finn is a 17-year-old full of paradoxes. He's a drug dealer, but he's scoring money to send his twin sister to Harvard. He's desperate to shoot up even though he's the most popular kid in Dammertown. He's a philosopher and orator who's failing all his classes. The only time he finds peace is when he's bird-watching. Finn's life begins to spiral out of control, until he discovers a miracle drug called indigo. Finn is convinced that the drug is the way out of everything broken in his life. But is


When she was three, Alena's activist mother died. She's been raised by her half-brother and his boyfriend in east London, which is under attack by a lone bomber. Alena wants to know what her mother was like but her brother won't tell her anything. Alena gets more and more angry until she does something truly rebellious that costs her brother his job and threatens the very stability of her family. After years of being a good girl, Alena discovers she can be a troublemaker, just like her mother. N

Tru Detective  

In this chilling graphic novel, Truman, the prime suspect in his girlfriend's murder, struggles to find the truth.

Truth About You & Me, The

Smart girls aren't supposed to do stupid things. On her first day at Green River Community College, Madelyn Hawkins meets Bennett Cartwright, her biology professor. He's funny. He's interested. And he has no idea that Madelyn is only sixteen. When they're together, Madelyn feels more alive than she's ever felt before. And she knows Bennett feels the same way. She also knows that if she tells him her real age, their relationship will be over. So Madelyn makes a simple decision.She won't tell him.

Tying the Knot: A World History of Marriage

From Cinderella to The Bachelor and The Bachelorette reality TV shows, and from lavish destination weddings to the marriage equality movement, getting married has taken center stage in the 21st century. What purpose has the institution served across the centuries? How do proposals, ceremonies, and expectations of marriage differ across cultures? What can couples do to ensure a strong marriage, and what happens if they can't make it work? See how answers to these questions have changed across the

U.S. Special Forces

Even the most rigorous training would not prepare young readers for the sheer amount of intel they will uncover about six of the most secretive U.S. Special Forces. Each title covers the chronology of the special ops force and supplements the main narrative with “Force Fact” side bars about such topics as weaponry, facilities, and popular culture references. From historical missions and controversial calls to details about equipment and selection processes, this series aims to inform!