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Special Forces Stories

No longer do massive armies clash on wide fields of battle. Today, conflicts are often fought by small groups of elite, highly trained soldiers equipped with the latest technology . . . and unmatched courage. This series takes a look-past and present-at real-life Special Forces missions. High-profile rescue missions and secret captures . . . on the sea and on land . . . facing death but doing their duty-Special Forces are true heroes. Each book covers the details of a mission while also providin

Speed Rules! Inside the World's Hottest Cars

Few machines thrill the imagination like cars. This series features eight of the most famous car brands in the world, showcasing their amazing combinations of high-speed power and luxury styling. Each book covers the history of a brand, taking readers on a road trip through the century and ending with the latest news from the carmakers' factories. Strap in for the ride of a lifetime!

Spirit Level  

Harriet (known as Harry) is a donor-conceived child who has never wanted to reach out to her half-siblings or donor until now. Feeling adrift after a breakup with her long-time boyfriend, Harry tracks down her half-siblings, two of whom are in Seattle, where Harriet lives. The first girl she meets is fifteenûyear-old Lucy, an effervescent half-Japanese dancer. Then she meets Meredith, a troubled girl who is always accompanied by her best friend, Alex. Harry and Alex are attracted to each other,

Stage Dreams

In this queer western adventure, acclaimed cartoonist Melanie Gillman puts readers in the saddle alongside Flor and Grace, a Latinx outlaw and a trans runaway, as they thwart a Confederate plot in the New Mexico Territory.

Stand-In, The

After a 17-year-old agrees to be a stand-in Homecoming date for a friend's geeky but wealthy cousin, he realizes becoming a (completely platonic) rent-a-date for the socially awkward could help him earn college money.

Star Athletes (Essential Library)

Some athletes were child prodigies, seemingly destined for greatness from the first day they stepped onto the field or court. Others were late bloomers who made the most of every opportunity to make it big in their sport. This series examines the lives of these athletes, from childhood through stardom, sharing with readers key moments in the athletes' journeys to become some of the biggest names in sports.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This official companion to the latest Star Wars film features behind-the-scenes interviews, movie stills, character profiles and descriptions of iconic vehicles and weaponry. With pages and pages of action packed photos and content, this collector's edition will thrill every Star Wars Fan!

State of Mental Illness and Its Therapy, The

These highly informative books provide readers with scientific information about a variety of psychiatric disorders, including brain chemistry and function, diagnostic criteria, and options for treatment.

STEM Careers

Teens who have an interest in the STEM subjects, and are contemplating their career choices, will find useful descriptions, essential facts, and valuable opinions and advice in this easy-to-use series. STEM Careers introduces readers to various career options within a given field and explores what the jobs entail, educational requirements, salary ranges, required skills, employment prospects, and more. All books in the series feature a Q&A interview with someone who works in the field. Lists sug

STEM in Current Events

In educational circles, the studies of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) have never been hotter. But that is only a reflection of the growing importance of those fields to just about every aspect of our existence. In this series, each title will focus on one area of our shared experience and provide examples, stories, and insight into how STEM is having an impact. Whether in energy, transportation, medicine, or even entertainment, STEM skills are changing our world...every day.