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Quick Guide to Anime and Manga

Anime and manga are surging in popularity, creating legions of new fans and bringing in billions of dollars in revenue. This quick guide covers all the essential titles and artists while exploring the reasons why these uniquely Japanese art forms have captured the imagination of so many different types of people throughout the world.

Quiet No More

College freshman Victoria Parker is moving on with her life after surviving her father’s sexual abuse and six months of foster care. She’s navigating the adult sphere for the first time and balancing old friendships with new adventures. But when Victoria’s long-lost aunt shows up, asking Victoria to lie about her father’s assault so he’ll get a lighter sentence, Victoria’s fractured past collides with campus politics as she figures out whether and how to share her truth as a survivor.

Racial Bias: Is Change Possible?

Racial bias, particularly implicit racial bias, is an insidious harm affecting people of color in virtually every area of life. This book examines the factors that give rise to implicit racial bias, the damage it causes, whether we can change, and what we can do.

Racial Violence: Tearing at the Fabric of American Life

The United States has a long history of racial violence, and many minority groups have been impacted. This book discusses the racial violence inflicted upon Black people, Native women, and Asians in the United States, and how these groups are fighting back against racism.

Reach Out: Tips for Helping Someone in Crisis

People experience mental health crises for a multitude of reasons. This book explores what people can do to help others get through such a crisisÑincluding coming up with a crisis plan, offering resources to get professional help, and simply reaching out to those in need.

Reaching into the Universe: Advances in Space Exploration

In 2022 the newly launched James Webb Space Telescope revealed stunning images of galaxies forming not long after the universe formed. That fabulous instrument is only the latest in a long list of manned and unmanned spacecraft that have unveiled knowledge of our Solar System, planets orbiting other stars, giant black holes devouring all in their path, and other celestial wonders.

Real-World STEM

Engineering challenges abound in the twenty-first century. Engineers, scientists, and others are searching for—and often finding—ways to improve life for people around the world. Some are working on providing global access to clean water while others are developing fusion energy or reverse-engineering the brain. These and other topics are examined in the Real-World STEM series. All books in the series discuss what exists now, some of the biggest challenges, and some of the most fascinating solut

Rehab or Punishment: What to Do About Drug Crimes

How should society deal with drug crimes? Many people support tough-on-crime laws and harsh sentencing guidelines to effectively punish offenders and deter crime; yet others are not so sure. An increasing number of people believe that rehabilitating offenders with drug addiction and other issues is a more humane and effective way to deal with drug crimes and make communities safer for all.

Relax: How to Manage Anxiety and Emotions in an Uncertain World

Teens have been experiencing anxiety and depression at surging rates. The situation is so dire that in December 2021 the US Surgeon General sounded the alarm about teens’ deteriorating mental health. Through personal accounts and comments from experts, this book explores how to recognize anxiety and how to stay grounded, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and heal anxiety.

Remote Work: Pros and Cons of the Changing Workplace

During the pandemic remote work soared, forcing companies and employees to rethink the entire concept of work: where it can be done, how it can be done, when it can be done, and by whom it can be done. Remote work has proven to be popular and productive, but it can also be lonely and harmful to mental health. Yet dramatic changes brought about by remote work are expected to continue, profoundly impacting careers, families, and communities for decades to come.