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Graphic Novels (78 series)

Marco Polo: Dangers and Visions

Marco Polo joins his father and his uncle—travellers and merchants—on a perilous, transformative journey to the Mongol empire of Kublai Khan. 'Marco Polo: Dangers and Visions' meets Marco Polo as an adult prisoner of war and then traces his coming of age story along the Silk Road.

Marie Curie: A Life of Discovery

In her intensely researched, inventively drawn exploration of Marie Curie's life, artist Alice Milani follows the celebrated Polish scientist from Curie's time as a struggling governess to her years in France making breakthrough discoveries.

Medical Breakthroughs

Explore major medical events and the scientific breakthroughs that made them possible. With an accessible graphic nonfiction approach, each title in the Medical Breakthroughs series spotlights the famous figures behind notable discoveries. A lively tone and dynamic visuals guide readers through different historical eras and present STEM concepts in a fun, inviting fashion. Readers won't want to put down these high-interest true stories, as they learn more about the innovations that help save liv

Mega-Dogs of New Kansas

Meet the mega-dogs: massive pooches helping the human settlers of a faraway planet. When an official threatens the mega-dog program, Sienna Barlow sneaks away with her dog, Gus, and begins an adventure across New Kansas.

Mission: Special Ops (Bear Claw Books)

From pararescue jumpers deep in the jungles of Burma to risky underwater rescue missions by Navy SEALs, the Special Operations Forces of the United States Military have a common goal--to save human lives. Through real-life narratives and gripping graphic novel-style illustrations, readers will learn how these heroes defend their nation while performing the most dangerous missions in the world. Each book includes more information on the special ops forces and the gear used by these brave men and

Monkey & Robot

In the spirit of Frog and Toad, Monkey & Robot introduces another pair of unlikely friends and the adventures they share.

My Beijing

Yu'er and her grandfather live in a small Beijing neighbourhood full of big personalities. Throughout four stories, they encounter surprise acts of kindness and even hints of magic. In one story, Yu'er takes up swimming practice, despite a disability that limits the use of her legs. In another, she discovers a hideaway full of musical insects. Chinese artist Nie Jun pays tribute to Beijing's hutongs (residential alleyways) in elegantly drawn stories with a touch of magical realism.

Never Forget: Heroes of 9/11 (Bear Claw Books)

Follow the true stories of heroes on the day that changed America forever: September 11, 2001. This riveting series takes readers into the lives of heroes, from medics and firefighters to everyday people, who faced terrible danger and showed true courage. Dynamic illustrations and first-hand accounts of those who stepped up when others needed them most celebrate the heroes of our nation.

Nightmares of Nightmute, The (Torch Graphic Press)

Nightmute Academy offers a unique summer learning experience. As new students Suni, Gale, and Shi-woo will discover, there's more than reading, writing, and arithmetic taking place on campus. In this school's lockers, you're just as likely to find a ghost as you are a textbook! This graphic novel series includes educational sidebars that explore the history and science (and pseudoscience) behind some of the world's spookiest encounters.

No Reason to Apologize: The Resilient Legacy of Viola Desmond  

Viola Desmond is an enduring icon who embodies the fight for racial equality and human rights. When she refused to give up her seat in the whites-only section of a cinema in 1946, she took a stand against injustice. Viola Desmond was also, however, a human being whose actions impacted her career, her relationships, and her reputation among the Black community in Halifax. Strong-willed and stubborn, Viola Desmond’s ideologies would be sorely tested throughout her life, even as her efforts shone a