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U.S. National Parks (Pogo Books)

What formed Yellowstone National Park's unique landscape? What is the best way to explore Grand Canyon National Park? Each book in U.S. National Parks highlights a specific national park and introduces readers to the many special features it offers visitors. Bright, full-colour photographs complement the carefully levelled text for fun, easy reading. An At a Glance feature in each book presents a map of the park along with stats and facts. Each title also includes a table of contents, sidebars, infographic, glossary, index, and reading tips for teachers and parents.

UFLI Decodable Packages

(Includes 6 copies of 74 titles + Scope & Sequence/Teacher Card for Each Title)

UFLI Foundations Manual in Canada

Foundations is an explicit and systematic phonics program that introduces students to the foundational reading skills necessary for proficient reading. Foundations follows a carefully developed scope and sequence designed to ensure that students systematically acquire each skill needed and learn to apply each skill with automaticity and confidence. Foundations is designed to be used for core instruction in the primary grades or for intervention with struggling students in any grade.

UFOs and Alien Encounters: Are They Real?

For centuries, people have looked into the sky and observed objects they just can’t explain. These unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, have sparked many investigations, some by scientists but many by amateur UFO hunters. After numerous probes into the possibility that UFOs regularly visit the Earth, experts remain divided on whether alien encounters have truly occurred.

Ultimate Adventure Guides

Discover some of the world's most intriguing placesÑfrom islands ruled by animals to a bridge completely under water. With engaging sidebars, maps, travel tips, and unbelievable true facts, these books allow readers to imagine travelling to fascinating destinations.

Ultimate Predators

Discover some of the fiercest predators in the animal kingdom with remarkable photographs of animals hunting! Readers will be fascinated by how these animals hunt and train their young to track and kill prey.

Ultimate Sports

With ultimate sports, ultimate sportspeople, and landscapes, readers will love this ultimate adrenaline-high series. Packed with information about extreme sports, the extreme geography in which they take place, and the extreme sportspeople who practice them, this engaging, high-interest series will inspire the next generation of ultimate sport stars!

Ultimate Supercars

Buckle up! This series takes readers for a spin in the fastest, most technologically advanced cars in history and today. Each title features informative sidebars, detailed infographics, vivid photos, and a glossary.

Ultimate Supercars (Bigfoot Books)

This series introduces readers to some of the coolest, fastest, and most technologically advanced cars on the road today. Each title features informative side bars, detailed infographics, vivid photos, and a glossary.

Unbelievable! (UpDog Booksª)

The universe is full of fascinating, incredible facts. From sports arenas to the oceans to the deepest reaches of space, readers will learn high-interest, educational facts that they'll want to share with their friends.