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Saving Earth's Biomes (Navigator)

People have negatively affected many of Earth's biomes, but human ingenuity can help care for our planet and all its inhabitants. This series examines four biomes that are in danger and investigates the various ways that people are attempting to restore them.

Saving Granddaddy's Stories: Ray Hicks, the Voice of Appalachia

As a young boy living in the Appalachian Mountains, Ray Hicks loved his grandfather's stories because he told them the mountain way. After his grandfather's death, Ray continued to tell these stories to anyone who would listen. Years later, his storytelling became so famous he was known as the Voice of Appalachia.

Say Daddy!

Mother shares a book about love while Brother shares a book about friendship. Next Aunt Grace shares a book about adventure. Everyone in this family is eager to share books and have the newest member's affection and attention. But all kidding aside, this family knows the bond that is created when reading aloud with someone you love.When Daddy closed the last page, he smiled at me for hours and said, 'Say Daddy! Say Daddy!' He hoped that would be my first word!But wait. Did we hear correctl

Say Something: 10th Anniversary Edition

The girl in this story sees it happening, but she would never do these mean things herself. Then one day something happens that shows her that being a silent bystander isn't enough. Will she take some steps on her own to help another kid? Could it be as simple as sitting on the bus with the girl no one has befriended (and discovering that she has a great sense of humor)? Resources at the end of the book will help parents and children talk about teasing and bullying and find ways to stop it at sc

Say Their Names

Aliya, a seven-year-old Black girl, sees on TV news the public reaction to recent and tragic events. Determined to make sure the lives of those lost matter, she leads her own protest march that extends beyond her living rooom and into her neighbourhood to "say their names" and loudly proclaim "good people come in all colours."

Scary and Spooky

Scary and Spooky provides a high-interest look at spooky and mysterious places, creatures, events, and stories. Each book examines popular scary topics and provides revealing and engaging information. Interesting facts and photos are guaranteed to fascinate readers.

Science Academy  

Enrol in Science Academy and get ready for things to get scientific! Join the pupils of class 201 and their robot classmate Bud-E as they push, pull, stop, and shock their way to scientific success! Brrrrrring! Get set for Science Class! Free downloadable Teacher’s Guide available.

Science and Me: Inspired by the Discoveries of Nobel Prize Laureates in Physics, Chemistry and Medicine

Discover some of the inspirational men and women who have received Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry and Medicine from 1901 to the present day, among them Marie Curie, Hermann Joseph Muller and Donna Strickland. A glimpse into the often surprising lives and sometimes accidental discoveries of a group of extraordinary scientists, this fascinating collection shows that the science you learn at school really can change the world.

Science for the Future (Voyager)

Science for the Future highlights some of the latest technological advances that are changing the way people interact with the world. Each book explores the discoveries the technology was based on, the challenges scientists currently face, and the breakthroughs each technology could lead to in the future.

Science Frontiers

Science Frontiers explores the phenomena that science has yet to conquer. With a look at the history of the topic, recent discoveries, and the questions that remain, these books offer a cutting-edge, comprehensive look at some of science's biggest challenges.