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Space Exploration (BrightPoint Press)

Space Exploration informs readers about cutting-edge developments in space travel. The series looks ahead to the future of life in space, covering the rockets, robots, and technology needed to explore the solar system and beyond. Each book includes a graphic that presents key information visually, source notes, and resources to aid in further research.

Spectacular Sports

Sports fans will cheer for these exciting titles, which capture some of the most thrilling moments in college and professional sports. From buzzer-beater basketball shots and amazing trick football plays to soccer’s World Cup goals and baseball’s World Series home runs, these titles are packed with action stories. Readers will also meet each sport’s superstars and record holders—and revel in all the fascinating facts every fan wants to know.

Spirits Among Us

Scooter has been wheelchair bound ever since the accident that took her mother's life. Carrying on her mother's ghost hunting work, Scooter and her best friend Harlan create a YouTube show called Spirits Among Us. Wanting to get a message from her mother before she passes over, Scooter buys a special ghost hunting camera and places it in her family's cemetery. But, when a string of robberies frighten the locals, will the camera capture more than a ghost?

Sports Championships (Torque)

Championship games are for the best of the best. Teams go head-to-head to prove they are worthy of being named number one. Each title in this series dives into the action of a sport's championship. From the history to the road to glory, they highlight the thrills of the game!

Sports Dynasties

Some champions don't stand the test of time-they win a title and are soon forgotten. Others champions endure, and their greatness is remembered throughout history. This series looks at some of the greatest dynasties ever in sports, the titles they won, the athletes who contributed to their success, and the star player or coach who led them to their historical achievements.

Sports in the News (Voyager)

From legalized gambling to pay equity, the sports world has no shortage of controversial topics. This thought-provoking series tackles some of the biggest debates in sports, providing an in-depth look at the stories behind the headlines.

Sports Nation

Sports Nation takes readers beyond the wins and losses to explore how sports relate to a state's history and culture. Each book summarizes the sports scene in a state, from the kids to the pros, while examining how that state's sports relate to its history, economics, and geography.

Sports Positions (Stingray High/Lo)  

In this Hi-Lo series, readers will learn what it takes to be an athlete in a lead position on a sports team. Exciting images and simple text engage reluctant readers. Each book features a glossary, comprehension questions, and a list of top 10 athletes in that position.

Sports Report

The Sports Report series celebrates and explores why we love the sports we love. Each book is packed with legendary history, superstar statistics, and fascinating facts. Full-colour photos capture all the action. A must-read for anyone who enjoys playing or watching sports.

Sports STEM

She shoots. She scores! A basketball swishes through the net, and a football flies through the uprights. But have you ever stopped to think how these things happen? Explore the science behind your favourite sport with simple, clear explanation and dynamic photographs. Young athletes won't be able to stop turning the pages as they learn more about Sports STEM!