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She's Got Game (Navigator)

Women have always excelled as athletes, but they often receive less attention than men. This series celebrates female athletes and the sports they champion. Each book also showcases how the sport has developed over time and offers a look ahead to the future of the sport.

Sights and Sounds of Summer

Spider is ready to spin her silk. Cicadas are singing in the trees. Little bees buzz-buzz-buzz from flower to flower as the ants march along the ground. Glowworms light up the night sky and crickets chirp that summer is here! The sights and sounds of summer's smallest creatures come alive through free verse poetry and beautiful illustrations.

Silent Journey

Following an accident that took his mother's life, doctors discovered Scott was suddenly deaf. Eight years later, Scott finds out a family secret concerning his father and uncle while lip-reading and decides to play a part in their reconciliation. Themes: Physical Disability & Illness, Diversity.

Silly Science

Science doesn't always have to be serious-it can be silly too! This laugh-out-loud series presents weird, gross, and just plain goofy science facts about animals, bodies, space, and food that will keep readers turning pages.


Ever since the first sinkhole appeared in Foggy Creek, Texas, weird things have been happening. Unexplained phenomena-power surges, a purple mist, a glowing coin-seem to precipitate strange behaviours in this creepy, paranormal series, sure to hook reluctant and striving readers.

Skilled and Vocational Trades (BrightPoint Press)

Skilled and Vocational Trades explores the career paths of electricians, plumbers, drone pilots and more. The books describe the jobs associated with each trade and provide information on training and education, life on the job, and the career outlook. Each book includes a fact sheet, a graphic that visually presents key information, source notes, and resources to aid in further research.

Sleep-Deprived Nation: Why Sleep Matters

Today, large numbers of people of all ages and walks of life get too little sleep on a regular basis. This unfortunate situation has far-reaching negative effects on society, from increased highway accidents and fatalities to lost productivity at work. Teens are particularly vulnerable to losing sleep, in part because of the blue light from their phones and computers. This volume explores possible ways to combat the widespread problem of too little sleep.

Smartphones and Society

Smartphones and Society examines how smartphones have changed different aspects of daily life. Readers will learn how these devices have shaped society in both positive and negative ways. Each book includes a graphic that presents key information visually, source notes, and resources to aid in further research.

Soccer Champions

Few sports offer matches as dramatic—and histories as rich—as soccer. From gutsy underdogs and dazzling triumphs to bitter rivalries and crushing losses, this series invites fans to witness the world events, last-minute goals, and diving saves that shaped some of the planet’s greatest football clubs. Recaps of memorable matches offer action-packed background, while biographical profiles introduce the legendary playmakers and coaches who earned legions of fans around the globe and showed what it

Social Emotional Library (21st Century Skills Library)

The Social Emotional Library series presents real life, historical and modern stories that celebrate important qualities and ideas like courage, diversity, friendship, and forgiveness. Books include thought-provoking issues and questions, as well as hands-on activities, that encourage the development of critical life skills, empathy, and social emotional growth.