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Story Magic

Twelve-year-old Kaya must harness the power of story magic-ignoring her society's bias against female magic wielders and her own internalized fear that her magic will cause bad luck-to save her brother and find herself.

Story of Morin Khuur, The

The morin khuur is a musical instrument with mythical origins and symbol of the Mongolian people. This tale recounts how a magical white horse and a blossoming apricot tree on the grasslands of Mongolia led to its creation.

Story Quilts: Appalachian Women Speak

History books have forgotten most Appalachian women, many of whom were poor or lacked formal education. Yet these women spoke through the quilts they created from scraps of cloth collected over time. Piece by piece, these patchwork quilts revealed the beauty of mountain life.

Strange But (Mostly) True Stories

Who isn't fascinated by the world of the weird? These story collections are the ultimate in high-interest reading. The people, places, and things within their pages range from the peculiar to the preposterous, from the creepy to the utterly terrifying, and from the odd to the awful. Yet all stories are based on eyewitness accounts or the solid research of serious investigators. Captivating facts are included in a "Strange Truth" section following each story.

Strange Science

Reality can be harshÑso why not jump to a new reality? Is that even possible?Explore some of the most popular sci-fi tropes from popular books, shows, and movies. Then, learn how they're grounded in reality. From alternate realities to time travel, these ideas are now part of our everyday lives, even if they're not quite ""real"" yet. But is there any scientific basis behind them? Could we someday make things like warp drives, simulations, and cybernetic limbs reality? Or are we just in a perpet

Strikers: A Graphic Novel

Evan just wants to win a game. Bobby would rather fight than win. HockeyÑand lifeÑkeep handing them both losses. Their team, the Strikers, has a roster of rejects in hand-me-down coats but lacks good equipment, a deep bench, and a coach who shows up on time. Their town of Flint, Michigan, has been down on its luck their whole lives. The boys may not understand each other, but together, theyÎll find their reasons to keep taking the ice. Strikers is a hilarious, hard hitting, and moving story abou

Structural Wonders (Navigator)

This fascinating series provides an up-close look at some of the most incredible architectural wonders of past centuries. Young readers will learn about the history and construction of each structure, as well as what the site is like today.

Suffrage: Canadian Women and the Vote  

Prior to women getting the vote, this is the way things used to be: In Canada, people believed only those with property should have the right to vote. If a couple co-owned a property they shared one vote. The man retained the right to cast that vote. Wages earned by women still went to their husbands. Women then started to fight for social reform. Suffragists rose up. They wanted to vote. They wanted to create change. Read about the epic struggles, years of hard work, perseverance, and the preju

Suicide: When It Happens to Someone You Know

When someone you know-when someone you love-dies from suicide the sense of loss and guilt can be overwhelming and it is natural to wonder how you can ever come back from that pain. Suicide: When It Happens to Someone You Know offers a deeply personal look at the thoughts, feelings, and grieving process in the aftermath of suicide. It shows that there is no magic elixir, no ideal path to feeling okay again but that the way back includes accepting how you feel, talking to people you trust, and tak

Summit Middle School

Middle school is the perfect storm of BFFs, frenemies, and mean girls. If you haven’t been frozen out, dumped, or betrayed, then you are lucky. This series tackles the challenging years before high school. The newly forged friendship between Carson Roberts, Emma Swanson, and Mai Pham seems unbreakable. The girls have found a kindred spirit in each other. Together, they turn the tables on the most beautiful bully in Texsun City, Jessa McCain. There are no power struggles between these three besti