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Best Reviews (180 series)

My Emergency (Fusion Books)

There are all kinds of emergencies, and for some people being ready for an emergency is part of their everyday life. Follow along with a day in the life of a child who lives with a potential emergency. Learn about the condition, the warning signs, and what you can do to help in an emergency.

My First BIG Book of . . .

Kids will love the full-page, labelled images and text that is written for emerging readers to tackle alone or with help. These books are real page turners that kids will return to again and again!

My Hand's Tell a Story

A little girl, baking bread with her grandmother, becomes transported by the tales her grandmother’s hands tell-those that spring from the rose-painted nails, a flower-banded wedding ring, and the way her fingers move and glide. These hands have many tales to tell. But only if you listen.

My Life With...

Who better to talk about experiences with disabilities and disorders than the kids who have them? These narrative nonfiction picture books feature real kids and their lives. Beautiful illustrations and a dyslexic-friendly font foster inclusivity. Includes tips for kids about interacting with someone with a disability or disorder.

My Magnificent Jelly Bean Tree

Some people say jelly beans don't grow on trees. Not this little boy . . . he believes in magic. The kind of magic that takes him to the top of the jelly bean tree to watch a river of clouds in the sky or slide down the tree, dizzily whizzing, on a helter-skelter slide. He watches his jelly bean tree grow. He fantastically feasts on jelly beans and triumphantly crowns himself the jelly bean king! A magical tale that will delight all ages with whimsical illustrations bursting with colour.

Mythology Around the World

Cultures the world over differ in myriad ways, but frequently their mythologies demonstrate universal human themes. Volumes in this series explore stories of creation, death, love, nature, and war that have been told and retold in cultures spanning the globe.

Natural Satellites: The Book of Moons

In our solar system, there are hundreds of objects trapped in orbit around the planets. These moons feature some of the most extreme and fascinating environments-from Enceladus's organic compoundûrich jets to Titan's methane lakes and thick atmosphere. Some of these environments may even be conducive to life. Author Ron Miller, who is also a NASA illustrator, delves into the science behind these underexplored objects and makes the case for why moons should be the first place we look for alien li

Ocean Soup: A Recipe for You, Me, and a Cleaner Sea

From the shore, the ocean looks like clear, sparkling blue but look closely at a small scoop and you'll find the ocean looks more like soup! Our oceans are filled with plastics, from water bottles and take-out containers to the teeny tiny plastic particles you need a microscope to see. But who exactly cooked up this stinky soup? And, more importantly, what is the recipe for getting (and keeping) our oceans clean? This bouncing, rhyming story pulls no punches about how we ended up in this sticky

Odd Bods: The World's Unusual Animals

Long snouts, bright-red lips, pointy heads . . . the animal kingdom is full of critters with unique features. Learn about the incredible adaptations that help these creatures-and their odd bods-survive and thrive all around the globe!

On a Gold-Blooming Day: Finding Fall Treasures

From Buffy Silverman, author of On a Snow-Melting Day, comes an exciting companion book. As autumn begins, plants and animals in nature begin to change in all kinds of ways to prepare for winter. Brilliant photos and rhyming text work together in this engaging read-aloud to highlight these changes, and back matter offers more information about each creature and change featured.