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New Spring Titles (233 series)

Inventions that Changed the World (Blastoff! Discovery)

Cameras flash as a shiny red car zooms down the road. Airplane passengers close their laptops as they prepare for takeoff. These scenes may be commonplace today, but they are centuries in the making! From airplanes to automobiles, cameras to light bulbs, this series explores the history and impact of the world's most iconic inventions.

Invisible Garden, The  

This beautifully illustrated picture book tells the story of a little girl?s journey through her grandmother?s garden.

Invisible War, The: A World War I Tale on Two Scales

One Nurse. Trillions of microbes. A deadly WWI battle. In France of 1916, a battlefield nurse encounters a strain of lethal bacteria while treating a patient with dysentery. This army of bacteria invades deep into her gut, rallying the resident microbes to fight for their lives-and hers! Enter the phage, deadly microscopic predators, ready to wage war and protect their host. This graphic novel examines what happens when bacteria attacks the body and how the body's defenses respond, drawing upon


Young Ella and her stuffed monkey take a trip to Israel with her family. Ella enjoys visiting the country's famous sites, while Koofi the monkey experieces Israel in his own way.

Jane Doe

The people of Bluehaven have worshipped the Manor for thousands of years, trekking through its grand old gateway to the Otherworlds, returning with tales of high adventure. But then came the Night of All Catastrophes-the night the quakes started, and the Manor sealed its doors indefinitely. On that very night, two strangers arrived and collapsed atop the sacred stairs: John Doe and his baby, Jane. Fifteen years later, it is up to Jane to defeat the immortal villain who wants to harness the Manor

Kar-Ben Favorites

Jenny love to jump. But when jumping gets her into trouble, she decides to retire her pogo stick. Then her school decides to hold a fundraising fair, and she discovers that her skill can be used for a good cause.

Kar-Ben For Older Readers

For children making the transition to more more challenging books, check out the diversity of titles for older readers from Kar-Ben.

Kids Living Green (Bullfrog Books)

The future of our planet is in our hands. It is up to us to take action and care for it every day. What can kids do? Kids Living Green showcases environmentally-friendly ways early readers can care for the Earth. Active examples and photographs detail specific projects readers can easily partake in.

Lantana Global Picture Books

Lantana Global Picture Books open up the world to young readers. From yam festivals in Nigeria to camel races in Kenya, Lantana's mission is to select the best of contemporary writing from around the world, working with prize-winning authors and illustrators from many countries. These books include a lot of adventure and just a little bit of magic. Because all children deserve to see themselves in the books they read.