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New Spring Titles (233 series)

Flower Talk: How Plants Use Color to Communicate

This book from Sara Levine features a cantankerous talking cactus as a narrator, revealing to readers the significance of different colours of flowers in terms of which pollinators (bees, bats, birds, etc.) different colours "talk" to. A fun nonfiction presentation of science info that may be new to many kids-and adults!

Forest Talk: How Trees Communicate

Trees are essential. They provide water, shelter, and food for millions of plant and animal species, including humans. They deliver proven health benefits, and they capture and store carbon, which combats climate change. Yet trees are in trouble. Forests are struggling to adapt to climate change, and deforestation is a major threat. Recently, researchers and citizen scientists made the surprising revelation that trees communicate with each other through an underground system of soil fungi and ot


Every sports franchise has its face-the star of the show, the player fans can't take their eyes off of, the one whose talent determines the fate of the entire operation. The Franchise series explores these athletes' stories, taking readers into the players' lives on and off the field of play. Learn about your favourite athletes' early days, the challenges they've overcome to reach the top, and the qualities that make them truly incomparable.

Freedom's Promise (Core Library)

Throughout history, activists who have faced discrimination have made significant accomplishments while fighting to secure their rights. Some of these activists and their achievements have become well known, while others are more obscure. Freedom's Promise explores many of these lesser-known stories and perspectives. Readers will discover important events and people who have influenced society, science, culture, and the arts.

Full Throttle (Epic)

Put the pedal to the metal and get ready for a thrilling ride! This action-packed series focuses on some of the coolest vehicles out there, on and off the road! Dig into the history, parts, and competitions of flashy rides from hot rods to monster trucks in this series for young readers.

Gateway Biographies

Discover the human side of key newsworthy and historical figures. Each biography in this easy-reading series is peppered with quotes and childhood stories, accounts of successes and failures, and descriptions of the inspirational sources and experiences that influenced the person's achievements. Detailed timelines and indexes make these valuable reference resources.

Get Outside (Beacon)

Get Outside offers readers a variety of games, crafts, and activities that they can do outside with family, friends, or by themselves. Filled with fun ideas for every season, this series will motivate kids to get outside no matter the time of year.

Girl and the Wolf, The  

This picture book for young children is an empowering Indigenous twist on a classic wolf narrative.

Global Citizens: Social Media (21st Century Skills Library)

This series explores various aspects of social media through the lenses of History, Geography, Civics, and Economics. As they read, students will develop questions about the text, and use evidence from a variety of sources in order to form conclusions. Data-focused backmatter is included, as well as a bibliography, glossary, and index.

Good Night, Library

Even the library has to sleep! This calming bedtime story says good night to the library and all the fun it holds--from books and story time to computers and comics. A charming ode to everyone's favourite community space and a perfect good night for budding book lovers.