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New Titles (128 series)

Eye-mazing Illusions

Prepare to be amazed! Optical illusions are tricks that our eyes and brain play on us to make us see things differently. Explore the science behind what makes them work using color, light, and patterns. Featuring fun illusions, these books are totally mind-boggling!

Fast Track: A Day In

From watery coral reefs to dusty deserts, plants and animals survive and thrive all over our planet. Explore what happens throughout a day in these ecosystems. From morning until night, animals wake and search for food, shelter, and even companionship. There’s a lot more happening than you might think!

Favorite Toys

From LEGO bricks and Nerf Blasters to bicycles and Barbie dolls, this hi/lo series dives into the history behind some classic toys and explores how they are popular today! Each title showcases high-quality images paired with engaging text to introduce a favourite toy. Each title contains maps, timelines, charts, and profiles to keep readers engaged and informed about the stories behind their favourite toys!

Financial Literacy in Canada  

This series explores the importance of financial literacy as a life skill for all young Canadians. Learn about how to handle money and the benefits and pitfalls of borrowing and investing. Practical examples, infographics, and case studies help the reader to begin their journey to financial literacy.

Five-Minute Friendship Starters: A Sesame Street Guide to Making a Friend

Making a new friend is easy with help from Sesame Street! Filled with suggestions for conversation starters, easy games, and ways to demonstrate caring, this delightful book helps young readers learn fun ways to approach, get to know, and have fun with a new friend-in just five minutes!

Focus on Current Events

Having a solid understanding of current events is more important than ever. This timely series explores some of the most high-profile topics in today's news. Each book offers a history of the topic, an analysis of the people and events that shaped it, and an overview of the debates and controversies surrounding the topic.

Fossils Uncovered!

In this graphic narrative nonfiction series, readers follow paleontologists and fossil hunters as they discover ancient dinosaurs and other fossils. Each book explores dinosaur fossil sites around the world. Perfect for reluctant readers, budding scientists, and dinosaur enthusiasts. Backmatter information includes more about other prehistoric animals and the job of paleontologists.

Gender Inequality in Sports: From Title IX to World Titles

Forty years ago, US president Richard Nixon signed Title IX into law, making it illegal for federally funded education programs to discriminate based on sex. The law set into motion a massive boom in girls and women’s sports teams, from kindergarten to the collegiate level. Professional women’s sports grew in turn. Title IX became a massive touchstone in the fight for gender equality. So why do girls and women-including trans and intersex women-continue to face sexist attitudes and unfair rules

Genius Kid's Guides: Sports

From home runs and touchdowns to three-pointers and more, each Genius Kid’s Guide covers part of the thrilling world of professional sports. These exciting and information-packed books brim with fascinating facts about the top leagues and competitions.

Georgie Dupree

The Georgie Dupree series is for new and emerging readers, featuring a vibrant Black elementary student, a loving Black family that reminds you of your own, and classmates of all backgrounds and abilities. The series teaches children how to solve their own problems in everyday situations. Georgie is a character that children want to root for because her stories are relatable and there are valuable lessons weaved in. Readers are introduced to Georgie when she moves to a new city and taps into a c