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New Titles (127 series)

Little Blue Readers: Dealing with Challenges (Level 2)

From the death of a loved one to moving to a new city, growing up involves changes, new experiences, and challenges. This thoughtful series affirms children in the complex emotions involved with change, and offers ways of building resilience in the face of life's many challenges. Each book includes easy-to-read text and vibrant photos, making this series a great choice for beginning readers.

Little Killers: The Ferocious Lives of Puny Predators

Nature’s creatures can be ferocious! Lions and sharks leave many animals running scared. But some predators may be hunting beneath your feet or above your head-and you don’t know they’re there. Meet some of the most successful predators on Earth: little killers.These small creatures can have a big impact. They change ecosystems, control pests, and even take down much larger prey. Tiny predators use adaptations including poisons, strong jaws, and social groups hunt. From pteropods to driver ants,

Luna Garza, Accidental Detective

Mysteries seem to find Luna Garza, a tween growing up in small-town Ohio. Luna can’t help but get pulled into solving them. Middle school readers will love following Luna as she digs into the puzzling occurrences that arise during her everyday life in an all-American town.

Luna's Green Pet

Luna longs for a pet but the apartment building where she and her family live has a very strict NO PETS! policy. Not even goldfish are allowed. While her friends try to help with alternate pet suggestions, none interest Luna. Almost ready to give up, Luna spies in the trash something small, something green, something someone has discarded--a wilted plant. Perfect! Luna names her new pet Stephanie, confident she can nurse the plant back to health. When others question Stephanie's suitability as a

Magic Postcards: Blossoms Readers Level 4 (Crabtree Blossoms)  

In this engaging series for early readers, twins Camila and Carlos receive postcards from children around the world. Able to magically travel in the blink of an eye, they visit their new friends and find out all about their countries. Every book also includes a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests guiding questions to help aid in reading comprehension. Downloadable Teacher's Guide available.

Malcolm's Martians: Exploring Mars (Torch Graphic Press)

Malcolm and his friend Daniela are having the coolest summer ever. Malcolm's dad, Dr. Thomas, has brought them to his work-on Mars! Exploring the unexplored up close is every young scientist's dream. The planet's craters, dust storms, and volcanoes lead them on one adventure after another-but not without risk and danger! Being the first to see the sights also sparks Malcolm's imagination. The Martians he draws on paper come to life inside his mind, combining the biology of Earth animals with the

Math Adventures: Level 1 (Grasshopper Books)

Math Adventures introduces beginning readers to early math concepts including counting and addition, subtraction, measurements, and odd and even numbers in fun, narrative stories. Each title focuses on a key math concept and the role it plays in everyday settings and interactions. With a focus on math curriculum standards, sight words, tightly controlled vocabulary, repetitive text patterns and sounds, and vibrant illustrations to match the storylines, children will learn key math concepts and d

Medical Breakthroughs

Explore major medical events and the scientific breakthroughs that made them possible. With an accessible graphic nonfiction approach, each title in the Medical Breakthroughs series spotlights the famous figures behind notable discoveries. A lively tone and dynamic visuals guide readers through different historical eras and present STEM concepts in a fun, inviting fashion. Readers won't want to put down these high-interest true stories, as they learn more about the innovations that help save liv

Meet the Community Helpers! (Grasshopper Books)

Meet the Community Helpers! introduces emergent readers to community helpers with fun, simple storylines and bright illustrations. Each title focuses on a day in the life of a community helper, highlighting his or her roles and responsibilities. These fully-illustrated books provide a supportive educational fiction reading experience with a focus on sight words, tightly controlled vocabulary, repetitive text patterns and sounds, and fun illustrations to match the storylines and enhance imaginati

Mind Blowing! The Brain

The human brain is incredible, controlling everything you do--from skipping and thinking to making memories and dreaming. Your brain allows you to learn about and explore the world. Students will uncover fascinating facts and strange stories about our brilliant brains!